Tibetan Spaniel was originated in Tibet which is often mistaken with the Pekingese but both are a completely different breed. It is a small-sized dog breed but is very active and alert. It is situated in an apartment as long as it gets to fulfill its required activity daily.

The Tibetan Spaniel is a tiny dog with a playful personality. They were used as a companion and watchdog in ancient time and still, they are a great companion for the family from small to old people. Therefore, they are suited for the family who is looking for a cuddle buddy and plays companion.

Temperament of the Tibetan Spaniel

The temperament of the Tibetan Spaniel is confident, playful, and active. They enjoy the company of their family and love spending time with them either playing or cuddling. When it is not cuddling, it will climb in a high object and look around. If they see any unusual activity in the area or see anyone approaching, it will bark warning their owner about someone’s presence.

Tibetan Spaniel puppy playing ball
Tibetan Spaniel puppy playing ball.
Image Source; Tiny Lion Dogs – WordPress.com

The Tibetan Spaniel is very affectionate and sensitive to their family mood. It does very well in a happy family where there are no negative vibes. They make a great companion for someone who likes jogging and walking. They are a sweet little dog that gets along will everyone, even other pet in the house.

Personality of the Tibetan Spaniel

The personality of the Tibetan Spaniel is friendly, energetic, and loving. They tend to be friends with everyone from strangers to other animals. Therefore, they cannot be taken as a guard dog. It is of independent nature sometimes and training can be somewhat challenging.

Therefore, they need an experienced dog owner who can handle their stubbornness and train them with patience.

The Tibetan Spaniel should be training by using positive methods of training. Reward them with a lot of delicious treats and vocal praises as to motivate and encourage them. Establish firm leadership upon them and always treat them gently. Harsh and forceful behavior will only scare them which will lead to distrust on its owner.

Video of Training Tibetan Spaniel.

Is Tibetan Spaniel Child-Friendly?

Tibetan Spaniel is very friendly with children which also enjoy their company. They love playing with them all day long as they adore them. Although they are a friendly dog, they can be too enthusiastic for small kids and toddlers.

Therefore, close supervision is necessary so that there is no harm done from either party. Also, teach your kids to behave around dogs and handle them lightly.

Tibetan Spaniel is child friendly
A girl laying down with Tibetan Spaniel.
Image Source: Instagram- @sanna_.julia

What Makes Tibetan Spaniel Aggressive?

The Tibetan Spaniel is not an aggressive dog by nature but is a very friendly dog. They do not show their aggression unless they are provoked and teased unnecessarily. Other than that they are not known to be aggressive at all.

How Does Tibetan Spaniel behave Around Strangers?

Tibetan Spaniel can be aloof of strangers but with good interaction from an early age, they will get along well with them. So, socialization with different people is necessary so that they do not behave shy and reserved around them. With proper socialization, they become friends with them and become welcoming of them.

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