The Working Kelpie is a medium-size dog breed that was originated in Australia. It is bred to be a herding and working dog that used to herd and work on the farm by the side of the farmers. They are also kept as a family companion but are mostly kept as a working dog in many parts of the world. It is often confused with the Australian Kelpie but the American Kennel Club has kept this two as different for one another.

The Working Kelpie is not at all suited for apartment life or some small space where they cannot perform their activities. They do best in the countryside in an open space for them to look around and run around. They use their hind limbs to stand and look around.

Temperament of the Working Kelpie

The temperament of the Working Kelpie is alert and courageous. They are very conscious of the activities going on in the surrounding. As a herding dog, they used to look after livestock and look around to see if there are any predators. They are a great watchdog as they are very alert and courageous who can face any dangerous situation without fearing anything.

The Working Kelpie is not kept as a pet normally, but if they are kept as a pet, they do great as a family companion. They are very active which needs to be engaged in regular work. If you are keeping it as a pet, take it out for running, dog game, or hiking as they need a good amount of exercise.

Working Kelpie agility
Working Kelpie agility.
Image Source: AKC

Personality of the Working Kelpie

The personality of the Working Kelpie is independent which likes too work and do things on their own. They need vigorous exercise and should be challenged mentally. If they are not engaged in any kind of work for a long time, they tend to get depressed and anxious.

The Working Kelpie is very intelligent dog breeds that catch on new command and tricks easily. Therefore, they are easy to train as long as the trainer is an experienced person who knows his/her ways with dogs.

The Working Kelpie is an independent nature breed, so sometimes their stubbornness can be seen. Establish consistent leadership and be patient with them. Never use harsh words or force hand on them as it will only make them scared or aggressive. Use positive reinforcement as the methods of training.

Is Working Kelpie Child-Friendly?

The Working Kelpie get along with older children more than with the younger one. They are very energetic so their level of energy can be hard to meet for small kids. However, if closely supervised, they can do great with small kids as well due to their loving and gentle nature. Older children do best as they know how to behave around dogs and also their level of energy is high.

Working Kelpie is child friendly
Working Kelpie with a group of children.
Image Source: Instagram-@hovantimea

What Makes Working Kelpie Aggressive?

The Working Kelpie is not a naturally aggressive dog but are very gentle and loving with everyone including other canines. Although they can show their aggression if they are treated harshly or provoked unnecessarily. Therefore, it is necessary to know how to behave around dogs.

How Does Working Kelpie Behave Around Strangers

The Working Kelpie is not very trusting of an unfamiliar person. They are wary of them and will bar at the approach of the strangers. However, they are not likely to be aggressive towards them but if they sense a threat, they will not back off. Early socialization is important to make them a well-mannered dog in front of strangers.

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