The Yakutian Laika is a medium-sized dog breed that is bred in the Yakutia region of Russian Land Siberia. They were used as a sled dog and still today in some part of the world they work as a sled dog. They were also used as a hunting dog and herding dog in the mountain region.

Although the Yakutian Laika was used as a working dog in the past, now they make an excellent family companion. They are a very hardworking, active dog at the same time playful with the family members. As a working dog, they do best if kept in an open house with space for them to roam.

Temperament of the Yakutian Laika

The Yakutian Laika has an active and affectionate temperament. They are an active dog that enjoys working with its people and helping them in their household chores. When they are not working they would like to sit beside their owner or lay down on their feet. They are very affectionate with their people and thrives for their company.

The Yakutian Laika is very protective of their people and their properties. They make a great watchdog and a guard dog that is not afraid to face anything when it comes to the safety of their people.

As an active dog, it needs a good amount of exercise regularly and if they do not get the required amount of physical exercise, they will get depressed. Therefore, take them out for regular exercise for their healthy body and mind.

Yakutian Laika is very active
Yakutian Laika running with its owner.
Image Source: Instagram-@haar_ebe_sleddogteam

Personality of the Yakutian Laika

The personality of the Yakutian Laika is very loving and intelligent. They are of independent nature who like to do things on their own. It can make them stubborn so a proper training is necessary. As an intelligent dog, they are not difficult to train. They catch new instruction and command quickly.

Establish a firm and consistent leadership with gentle treatment. If you fail to establish leadership on them, they will take themselves as a pack leader. Treat them with love and kindness as they will respond well to it. Use positive methods of training by rewarding them with delicious treats and lots of vocal praises.

Yakutian Laika sled training.

Is Yakutian Laika Child-Friendly?

The Yakutian Laika is a loving dog that gets along with children of all ages. They are protective of them and act as a nanny when they are around small kids. Sometime kids might play rough, so supervise their interaction is necessary. Teach your kids to behave around dogs and treat them in a gentle and loving way.

Yakutian Laika is child friendly
A girl grooming Yakutian Laika.
Image Source: Instagram-@ikaeshka

What Makes Yakutian Laika Aggressive?

The Yakutian Laika only gets aggressive when they see their prey. Otherwise, they are a gentle breed that is loving and affectionate with their people. They also get well with other people and pets if they are raised together.

How Does Yakutian Laika Behave Around Strangers?

Yakutian Laika is protective of their family so they are wary of strangers and do not trust them easily around their people. If they are introduced properly, they can be warm to them but if they sense threat from them, they won’t hesitate to protect.

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