The Yoranian breed is a hybrid mix, who is often called as ‘Yorkie Pom.’ It is a dog among the most graceful dogs with a cheerful personality that makes an excellent family companion.

Yoranian is a small-sized dog breed which needs a lot of human attention and companionship, so they tend to become critical if left alone for a long period of time

Temperaments Of Yoranian

The Yoranian is a cute, elegant dog breed which attracts everyone with its adorable and appealing looks. They hold protective, alert and curious temperaments making them an excessive barker, especially when faced by a stranger.

The Yoranian is fearless breed which makes a wonderful companion for both people and dogs. They are very loyal and gentle to the people they love and makes great lapdogs.

Dogs of this breed also get along well with other dogs and cats if properly socialized, though with small animals like hamster care should be taken, as because of their prey drive instinct, they might knock them out.

Personality Traits Of Yoranian

As Yoranian is a mixed breed, he carries a mixed personality. They are energetic, loving, sweet, happy and friendly. Dogs of this breed are very affectionate and loving and tend to show their love by licking on people’s face.

Yoranian Is A Loving Breed.
Yoranian Dog Standing. Image Via Instagram@gigiwiththestinkybreath.

This small sized dog can be loving and protective of their family. And if they see anything unusual sights or sounds in the surrounding, they will bark and warn their owner. So they can be taken as an excellent watchdog too.

Is Yoranian Good With Kids?

Yornanian Needs Supervision Around Small Kids.
Yoranian Being Hugged By A Child. Image Via Instagram@gigiwiththestinkybreath

This little breed has an outgoing nature as they get along easily with children of all ages. However, proper supervision is still required with this breed, as they quickly tend to get irritated if teased or disturbed, and once this happens, they will not hesitate to bite the person.

Life With Yoranian

This little lapdog is very active and energetic, they like to be active most of their time. These little dogs enjoy walking and playing with their toys. A daily afternoon walk is required for this little fellow to keep them happy and occupied.

Yoranian Is Good With People.
Yoranian Spending Time With Its Family. Image Via

If you are planning to adopt this breed, then the most important thing that you need to keep in mind is that they cannot tolerate cold weather, so it’s important to dress them properly in the winter season.

What Makes Yoranian Aggressive?

The Yoranian is a fearless and confident breed, they are never shy or nervous. These dogs because of their protective behavior tend to bark and show aggression to safeguard its territory and property.

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