Yorkie Russel Terrier is a mixture of Yorkshire Terrier and Jack Russell. The dog is a small, sweet and loving pet which loves attention and is very affectionate to its master.

Yorkie Russell is an apartment friendly pet which adapts well to new situations and environments which makes them an excellent family pet.

Temperaments Of Yorkie Russell

Yorkie Russell has a cute, friendly and loyal temperament. Dogs of this breed may be small in size but are quite energetic and active and will display its love in front of its family members.

Yorkie Russell has loving and affectionate behavior, these dogs enjoy human companionship and love to be in the center of the family.

Personality Traits Of Yorkie Russell

Yorkie Russell possesses a brave and fearless personality with a good level of intelligence. They are dogs which get along well with kids of all ages, whereas, around strangers, they tend to be suspicious and are likely to bark at them.

Yorkierussel Is An Active Breed.
Yorkierussel Dog Image Via Instagram@aterrierstales

The dog is known to be an attention seeker who tends to show immense sweetness and cuteness to those who give them that. On getting enough attention and love from its loved ones, the dog might show its affection and love vocally by barking or whining.

Are They Child-Friendly?

Yorkierussel Is Good With Well Behaved Kids.
Yorkie Russell Sitting With a baby Girl.
Image Via Instagram@skye_bag_bobbins

Yorkie Russell is considered to be an ideal choice for families with older children. They are friendly and loyal to well-behaved kids. However, they can be snappy towards small children who do not treat them respectfully and gently.

Therefore, the Yorkie Russel may not be a good choice for families with small children, as small kids don’t understand how to approach dogs.

Life With Yorkie Russell

Yorkierussel Is A Breed Who Requires Warm Clothes In Winter.
Yorkierussel Lying. Image Via Instagram@johnstonlandadventures

The Yorkie Russel is a small sized dog who loves exploring new things and places and because of their small size, they do not require a large space. The dogs of this breed are sensitive to cold and are likely to chill. Therefore it’s important to cover them with warm clothes during winter.

What Makes Yorkie Russell Aggressive?

The Yorkie Russel is not an aggressive dog, they are friendly with everyone. However, because of their protective nature, they tend to be suspicious around strangers and other dogs, but are not likely to be aggressive at them.

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