Aidi is a medium-sized dog breed which is also popularly known as the Atlas Dog. It was originated in Morocco as a guarding dog breed that used to guar livestock, family, and their property. However, today they are very popular as a family companion due to their friendly and gentle nature that is suited as a family pet.

The appearance of the Aidi is lean but muscular with strong legs and bear-like head with the tapered muzzle. It is a fierce guarding dog but when spending time with family, they are very gentle and loving dog breed. It is suited for all age people from a kid to old people in the house.

Temperament of Aidi

The temperament of Aidi is protective, devoted, loving, and highly alert. They are very alert of the activities going on in the surrounding and will sound a loud alarm if there is anything suspicious going on. While spending time with the family, they are playful, gentle, and very affectionate. They are a sensitive dog that only thrives on the love affection of their people.

Aidi is a very active and energetic dog breed that needs a good amount f activity regularly. If they get bored, they tend to get destructive and might start running here and there, chewing on stuff, and digging the garden. So, provide them with enough exercise to keep them contained and also you can involve them in household activities. They are happy to help you.

Aidi Dog playing in the water
Aidi Dog playing in the water.
Image Source: Mascotarios

Personality of Aidi

The personality of Aidi is gentle, friendly, loyal, and agile. They have a high activity level, so only an energetic dog owner who is involved in physical activity should own this dog breed. They need an open place where they can perform their activities. Aidi gets along with other pets in the house as well but they need to be raised together from a small age. They tend to guard the family including the pets in the house from any kind of danger.

Aidi needs an experienced trainer who knows its temperament and trains them accordingly. They need a firm and consistent training, otherwise, it will be difficult to train them. Use positive method as a source of motivation for them. Reward them with treats, a gentle pat on the back, and lots of vocal praises as they complete a certain task.

Is Aidi Child-Friendly?

Aidi gets along well with children very well if raised together from an small age. They are playful with and also protective at times which makes them a great companion for kids. Although their interaction should always be supervised to avoid any kind of rough behavior or accidents from either party.

Aidi puppy playing with a boy
Aidi puppy playing with a boy.
Image Source: Instagram-@ moroccanshepherd

What Makes Aidi Aggressive

Aidi is not an aggressive dog breed with its people but with strangers and other animals, they can become aggressive. They have a natural guardian instinct which makes them aggressive if there is some threat coming towards their people.

How Does Aidi Behave Around Strangers?

Aidi is suspicious of strangers and does not trust them in their territory. They will bark at them if they see an unfamiliar person approaching. They are not likely to bite but will bark at them to warn their owner. Socialize them with a variety of people at an early age and always introduce them to guest and visitors at home.

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