The Spinone Italiano is a large-sized dog known to be one of the oldest pointing dogs. It is originated in Italy as a hunting dog. It is a muscular dog with a compact body which is covered with coarse hair. They are a very active dog that likes to be involved in all kind of family activities.

The Spinone Italiano is not a suitable breed for apartment and needs space to roam around. It makes a great companion for you to go on a hiking, jogging or just for a walk. An active owner should own this dog as it is not suitable for an owner who cannot give time to the Spinone Italiano.

Temperament of the Spinone Italiano

The temperament of the Spinone Italiano is patient, docile, and loving. It loves its family to great extent but does not know to show affection as it should. They are a loving breed that does great as a family companion who can provide it with enough required exercise. Therefore, take them out for dog game, for running and walking regularly.

Spinone Italiano tends to thrive on physical activities and the company of its family. Therefore, involve them in regular physical activities to keep them happy and content. Take them out for dog sports, jogging, and running. If they do not get enough physical exercise and mental stimulation, they are likely to get anxious and destructive.

Spinone Italiano running in the water
Spinone Italiano running in the water.
Image Source: Animals.NET

Personality of the Spinone Italiano

The personality of the Spinone Italiano is friendly, gentle, and devoted. They are also alert of the activities going on in the surrounding and will bark to warn their owner about it. So, they make a good watchdog that will look after your family and property.

Spinone Italiano typically moves at a relaxed trot that is also often called a perfect dog for jogging and hiking. They will not run off and let their human struggle to catch with them. They keep a good pace with them.

Spinone Italiano is not a very difficult job to do as they are smart and intelligent. They are quick at learning new command and instruction. Since they are a sensitive dog, they need motivation training which is by using the positive method.

Reward them with delicious treats and lots of vocal praises. Never be harsh or forceful on them and always treat them with love.

Is Spinone Italiano Child-Friendly?

Spinone Italiano is a child-friendly dog that gets along with children very well. They need to be raised together from an small age and always supervise their interaction. Kids might play rough sometime and hurt your dog which it might not tolerate, so teach your children to behave around dogs.

A baby playing with a Spinone Italiano
A baby playing with a Spinone Italiano.
Image Source: lil_erniespinone_n_jo

What Makes Spinone Italiano Aggressive?

Spinone Italiano is not an aggressive dog breed in general. Their aggression depends on the kind of environment that you have raised it. If they have grown up in a harsh environment, they tend to get aggressive. However, they are not known to be an aggressive dog commonly.

How Does Spinone Italiano Behave Around Strangers?

Spinone Italiano is reserved around strangers and when they see them approaching, they bark to warn their people. With proper introduction, they are likely to get along with them very well. Early socialization with a variety of people is necessary.

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