Akbash is a large-sized dog breed that was originated in Turkey as a livestock guardian. They have a very similar appearance to the Kuvasz but is a completely different dog breed. It is a large dog with a white coat covering its whole body. It has excellent sight and hearing ability with an extremely protective nature.

Akbash dog was bred as a livestock guardian dog but today they are kept as a family companion due to their loving and friendly nature towards their family. Although they are not at all suitable for a novice dog owner. They need a loving and very active family that can meet their activity level. An inexperienced dog owner will not be able to handle this dog breed.

Temperament of the Akbash Dog

The temperament of the Akbash Dog is loyal, loving, gentle with family and extremely protective of them. They form a very strong bond with their family but more strongly with one specific person in the family that they see as the leader.

They are calm in nature but if they sense a threat towards their people, they will not back off and try to defend them. Therefore, they can very much be trusted as a guard dog as well as a watchdog.

Akbash Dog is a highly energetic dog breed that needs regular vigorous exercise. If their activity level is not met, they tend to become anxious and destructive. They will start barking loudly, scratching and chewing on stuff. So, they need a big space to perform their regular exercise.

Take them with you for hiking, jogging, and running as they make an excellent companion for physical activities.

Akbash guarding sheep
Akbash guarding sheep.
Image Source: The Denver Post

Personality of the Akbash Dog

The personality of the Akbash Dog is friendly, alert, calm, loving, hard-working, and very independent. They are a hardworking dog that thrives when they have a job to do. They are an active dog so it is necessary to involve them in regular physical exercise.

Their alert nature makes them a great guard dog that will bark to warn their owner about someone’s presence in the area. They are not likely to bite or attack them but if there is a serious threat, they will not back down unless commanded.

Training Akbash Dog is not a difficult task as they are a very intelligent dog that catches on things quickly. Although they need an experienced do owner as a novice dog owner cannot train them. They are independent dog breed which makes it hard to train them some time but with firmness and consistency, they can be trained easily.

Positive reinforcement is the best method while training them. Start obedience training from their very early age and gradually enroll them in agility. Reward them with delicious treats, vocal praises and a gentle pat on the back as a source of motivation.

Is Akbash Child-Friendly?

Yes, Akbash gets along with children pretty well. They are playful and gentle with them which makes them a great companion for kids. Proper supervision is needed as Akbash is large in size and might knock over them accidentally and hurt them. They are more suitable in a house with elder children as the risk of accidents becomes less.

A baby girl playing with Akbash puppies
A baby girl playing with Akbash puppies.
Image Source: Instagram-@akbasizmir

What Makes Akbash Dog Aggressive?

Akbash Dog is a calm and gentle breed by nature. Since they are bred to be a guardian dog, they are protective of their people. So, they are very likely to get aggressive if they sense threat or if there is some intruder in the territory. They are not known to be aggressive without someone threating their family or provoking them.

How does Akbash Behave Around Strangers?

Akbash Dog is wary of strangers and does not trust them easily. They will bark at them if they see one coming in their territory. Although they are not likely to bite or attack them unless they are a threat to their family.

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