American English Coonhound is a hunting dog that was originated in the Southern United States. It makes a great family companion in a family of all aged people. While they are more suitable for a family that is into hunting, they also are a great companion. After hunting, they like to cuddle with their owner.

As an active and energetic dog, American Engish Coonhound is not at all suitable in an apartment. They need an open pace where they can perform their regular activities. Only an experienced dog owner should own this dog as a novice owner will not be able to handle its temperament.

Temperament of American English Coonhound

The temperament of the American Coonhound is intelligent, friendly, and sociable. They are quick at learning new commands and instruction which makes training them easy, although they can be stubborn sometimes. They get along with visitors and guest at home well but needs a proper introduction.

As a hound, the American English Coonhound is very talkative (vocal). They just love to make noise or bay which can sometimes be disturbing for yourself as well as the neighbor. Although this natural habit of them cannot be trained out of them but can be controlled by proper training.

Personality of American English Coonhound

The personality of the American English Coonhound is high strung, energetic, and loyal. They need a good amount of both physical and mental exercise regularly. It is highly energetic and loves to chase small animals around. They are loyal towards its people and master and also makes a great companion if you are into hunting.

American English Coonhound Running
American English Coonhound Running.
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American English Coonhound is not very difficult to train as long as you establish a firm and consistent leadership upon them. They need a good pack leader who they can respect and follow. Using a positive method while training is the best as it will motivate and encourage them.

Is American English Coonhound Child-Friendly?

American English Coonhound gets along with children pretty well as they are playful and gentle breed. They are highly energetic dog breeds so small kids might not be suitable around them. They might accidentally knock on them and hurt them. So, it is best to keep an English Coonhound if you have older kids who can meet their energy levels. Always supervise their interaction.

A baby and American English Coonhound Cuddling
A baby and American English Coonhound Cuddling.
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What Makes American English Coonhound Aggressive?

American Coonhound is a hunting dog which makes it passionate and aggressive when on the field. However, they are very calm and loving at home around their people. They are not immediate to show their aggression unless provoked but are not likely to bite.

How Does American English Coonhound Behave Around Strangers?

The American English Coonhound is an alert dog that is wary of activities going on in the surrounding. They are very vocal and will bark at the sight of anything by passing strangers or anything present around the house. Therefore, they make an excellent watchdog. Although they get along with people if they are properly introduced or socialized from an early age.

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