The big, bold dog Akita is best known for it’s loyalty. As we all are aquainted with the movie ‘Hachi‘ which is a real story of a dog named Hachiko and his owner. Akita were originally bred to guard royalty and nobility in Japan. They were also used as track dogs to hunt wild boar, black beer and deer.

The Akita is a fearless dog who won’t back down from challenges. They are the fearless guard for their families and are also very affectionate, amusing and respectful when properly trained and socialized. If you want a dog who is large, powerful with a wolf-like appearance then Akita is the best breed for you.

Are Akitas Good Companion?

Akitas are loyal dogs and can be quite territorial. They are very friendly and loving towards their family but they might treat strangers with suspicion. For Akitas, love and trust are for those people they know.

A Short Documentary Video on Akita Dog Breed.

Akita Dog Breed requires a lot of respect, love, and attention from their owner which means they don’t see anyone as leaders. That is why early training and socialization is a must to make them respect their owner and will see the family member as a leader. Otherwise, they will make their own decision and tend to make their own rules.

They were bred as guard dogs with an independent nature. They will not follow you around the house or you will not find them sitting under your foot. They are not eager to please dogs type.

Is Akita Child-Friendly?

No, Akita is not so child-friendly breed. An Akita grown up without any contact with children will not readily accept being with them. However, if the dog is grown up in a family with kids from the very beginning, then it is likely to adapt extremely good with them. Hence, purchasing an adult Akita for your kids is not an ideal choice and even purchasing a puppy is a decision to take by thinking a thousand times.

Behavioral Problems of Akita

As Akita is an intelligent and large dog breed, it has various behavioral problems. For instance, visiting a dog park is not a good idea with your Akita because of its aggressive nature towards other dogs. If you own an Akita, you wouldn’t certainly want it to become bored as it leads to unacceptable behavior problems such as digging, chewing, barking and aggression.

Akitas are very affectionate dogs, leaving them home alone for a long time can result in them suffering from anxiety and stress. In such a case, the dog can become destructive and destroy the accessories and utensils. So, better not leave your Akita alone at home.

Akita: Aggressive Or Calm?

Akitas are known for their loyalty and devotion towards their family. However, they can be quite reserved around strangers and even aggressive. It is also considered to be a dangerous breed among all. The Akita is naturally stubborn. When they feel something challenging or threatened, they tend to act unusual and aggressive.

Akita Dog Breed Can Socialize With Kids too.

You must know that, they see small animals as a prey. You cannot predict your pet’s mood. They could be playing right now and the other minute they might act differently. Akitas should never be left alone to run without a leash. They might get the curageous hunting instincts in them.

Personality Traits of The Akita.

  • They are alert, intelligent and courageous dogs. They tend to be aggressive towards other dogs especially those of the same sex.
  • They have the strong personality of being dominant. They should be trained at an early age to respect their owners otherwise they will act as a leader in the family. However, if trained properly they will love spending time and participating in family activities.
  •   This Japanese breed is loyal and affectionate toward his family and friends, but quite territorial about his home and aloof with strangers. They are known to be an independent dogs, they don’t like to be familiar with other pets and more likely to be aggressive if not socialized properly at an early age.
  • One great personality of this dog is his mouthing. He will carry everything, toys or even household things to entertain himself.

Keep in mind that the temperament of Akitas are less predictable. Temperament and behaviour are shaped by raising and training.

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