The medium sized dog American English Coonhound are well known for its speed and endurance. As originally bred for hunting purpose, they are also used as pets.

The American Coonhound needs some training that makes your dog a faithful and easy companion in the family. Here are some methods, strategies, and techniques that you’ll need to know to train your English Coonhound.

When to Start Training your American Coonhound?

It is better to train the coonhound from around 12 weeks. They can learn simple commands like “sit”, “come” and “bark” as they are very good learners.

The formal training of AEC is delayed until 2 months. This stage of the pup is very poor to start any kind of training. The pup begins to learn adult behavioral manners during this age.

AEC puppy playing with a toy. Image Source:Wide Open Pets

Where to Start Training the American English Coonhound?

The first place where your coonhound can start training is definitely your home. They are very loyal and patient breed, hence can learn many commands while in home.

Two puppies playing with each other at a garden. Image Source: Pinterest

When the Pup is mature enough, you can take it to Parks and Puppy Kindergarten in order to make him socialize with other dogs and people.

How to Define Task for your pet?

Defining tasks for your dog can be a very head scratching task for you. It is more difficult if you own an American English Coonhound they are high-strung and energetic but sometimes stubborn.

In order to define your Coonhound a task, you must show it to him/her by mimicking the task by yourself or presenting a demo to the dog simply.

Making American English Coonhound remember command and providing food as reward. Image Source:

You can also motivate your dog using his/her favorite food items as reward for doing the task. Once he/she completes the task and gets rewarded, he/she’ll know about the task and the reward that follows.

The Training Process

These are some training processes that you might want to know in order to train your coonhound properly.

Food Lessons

You should start the food training on the first day you get the puppy. Your Coonhound should always eat after you (the alpha), as in the wolf pack. Also remember that alpha wolves never share their food until they are finished.

When you finish cleaning up your own plates, put them away and only then give your dog its own food. Teach your dog to eat stress free by petting it while it’s eating.

Normally, when they grow, your Coonhound should start growling when you get too close while it eats.


You should make your Coonhound able to socialize among new people and other dogs. It makes him/her to behave well and control its hunting instincts.

Coonhound socializng with his owner. Image Source: YouTube

This will exclude all the unwanted behavior, such as aggression to other dogs, barking at new people, etc. Further more, you can take your dog to socializing schools where he/she’ll learn to adapt with other dogs.

Positive Reinforcement

Positive reinforcement refers to rewarding your dog every time it does the right thing. Then, gradually move to irregular rewards as the behavior becomes more consistent.

According to Dogtime, it is also fine to overfeed when your Coonhound is learning, so use small treats when you are rewarding with food. This method is great for teaching commands to your dog, but you need patience for correcting unwanted behaviors.

Strategies and Techniques for Easy Training

It is not so difficult chore to train an American English Coonhound as they are very intelligent and active. They learn things pretty fast compared to other breeds.

Here are some techniques that’ll improve the way your Coonhound trains.

Make Training a Habit

If you want to train your dog perfectly but train your dog only once a week, its not gonna work. Your dog will learn manners and commands if you repeat them in a daily basis.So make sure them to make training a part of your dog’s daily routine.

Training an American English Coonhound puppy.

Avoid Punishments

The American English Coonhound is a very dignified and loyal breed, it expects love from its owner. Punishing your dog for his/her unwanted behavior will cause anxiety and he/she may loose faith from you. So, treat your dog as your friend and try minimizing punishments in most scenarios.

Go Slow

Despite being an intelligent breed, the American English Coonhound also has one brain like all living beings. They can’t memorize all the commands in one day. So, go on teaching one command per day with no excuses.

Lastly, it doesn’t matter how hard you train your dog if you are not his/her good friend. The behavior you show towards him/her will affect a lot in these things.

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