The American Hairless Terrier (AHT) dog is the native of Louisiana stands between 12-16 inches at the shoulders. They come in both coated and hairless variety where coated have short and shiny hair. The body of American Hairless Terrier is smooth and warm to touch.

This American Hairless Terrier is a great companion as they are very friendly, loving and affectionate. They are very protective of their people and makes an alert watchdog. They are friendly with strangers but sometime they are reserved around them. AHT get along with children well, especially if they are raised together.

When and Where to Start The Training?

American Hairless Terrier is a highly trainable dog. They are intelligent, smart, obedient and patient. AHT can sometimes be stubborn if you could not show assertive leadership and gain your trust from them.

While training your dog, you should show him who the leader is.
AHT is a highly intelligent breed and they have a high tendency to please their owners which makes training easier.

When to start Training?

Like all breeds, AHT should be trained in their puppyhood, between the ages of 2-4 months. At 2-3 months, train some basic like housebreaking and house manners.

Advanced training should be given at the age of 4-5 months. For a better adult, you should make a puppy better. Expose them to a variety of people at an early age for better socialization. AHT puppy should be treated gently and not forcefully. They should develop respect for you not fear you.

Where to Train?

The AHT should be trained in a room if you are teaching him some basic command like eat, sit, shake hands etc. It will help them stay focused and there will be no distraction in a room. However, training them outside with off leash can be a headache. AHT have instinct to hunt and can start chasing any small animals they caught their eyes to forgetting about training.

If you are potty training your AHT, you should learn his body language and know when he needs to go out. Take them out on an open space as soon as you know that he needs to go out but keep the leash on.

How to define task for your pet?

American Hairless Terrier is an easy dog to train as they are always eager to please their owner. Use certain words for certain work like “no” to command him to stop doing whatever he is doing. Do not confuse him by using a lot of words for the one thing you want him to do.

Hand Gesturing should be included with a certain word while training your AHT. Take your hand up saying the word ‘stand’ to make him stand. Likewise, put your hand down saying the word ‘sit’ to make him sit.

The Training Process

Training your dog can be overwhelming at the beginning. Prepare yourself first before your American Hairless Terrier on where to train, how to train and what command to use. You do not have to train your dog on a regular basis as they might get bored and cannot concentrate on your training.

Establish Leadership

Establish leadership on your ATH by gaining his respect and trust. He should believe in you and follow your command. Do not force your dog as they might loose respect on you.

Dog Command

Teach your ATH a lot of commands like, sit, go, come, eat, stop. Work on this commands, at least 4,5 times a day so they can learn what all those command means.

Get Some Treats and Toys

American Hairless Terrier loves treat as much as any dogs. To make their training tasty and interesting, get some treats and toys for their training. Do not reward him only with treats as they will begin to expect treats for anything you command.

American Hairless Terrier Playing With His Ball Toy

Use Lots of Praises

Dogs appreciate praises from their owners. As soon as your AHT does as you command, reward him with a lot of word praises and not only with treats. Use the word “good dog” with an enthusiastic voice. This will keep them motivated.

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