Australian Shepherd, popularly known as Aussie, is a breed of dog medium in size which was originally bred for the purpose of herding livestock is an affectionate creature. Despite its name, its origin is western USA, not Australia.

Although the Australian Shepherd is an intelligent breed, it requires additional training to be a worth-full companion. Here are some strategies and techniques that might help you to train your Australian Shepherd.

When to Start the Training of your Aussie?

Being an intelligent breed, the learning capacity of Australian Shepherd is very high and fast. You can start training him formally when he reaches 4-5 weeks.

Your Australian Shepherd start learning things on their own from the very beginning after you take him home. You can start teaching him commands like “sit”, “come” and “go” from his juvenile period.

An Australian Shepherd pup.

Where to Start Training your Aussie?

Training your small buddy begins at your home. Whether you notice or not, Australian Shepherd starts his training from the moment you bring him home. He observes everything, learns and then starts doing the same the next time.

Until your Aussie reaches the correct age for formal training, you can train him in your house and backyard as well if possible. You can start teaching him to fetch.

When your Aussie reaches the perfect age for formal age, you can take him to the dogs park and kindergarten and involve him in obedience training classes which will help him to socialize.

How to Define Task to your Pet?

Defining tasks to their pet can be very difficult chore for any pet owner. Despite the dog’s intelligence, if its his first time doing tasks, he’ll have stubbornness and cause you problems.

Australian Shepherd Training.
Training and defining task to your Australian shepherd.

In order to define him task, you’ll have to show him by demonstrating the task that you are willing him to do. You can also define tasks to your Aussie by offering his favorite food as reward.

Training Process

Here are some training processes that’ll help you to train your Aussie more efficiently.

Obedience Training

You can take your dog to training classes where he’ll learn to control his anger, be able to socialize with other dogs and learn some really good manners.

An Australian Shepherd during Training. Image Source: OrlandoWeekly

Alpha Dog or Dominance

When your dog reaches the adolescent age, he’ll start considering himself as the Alpha and will not consider you much. So, you’ll have to teach him that you are the dominant one and he should be under the control of you.

Clicker Method

Clicker Method refers to the method of tying an electric collar on your dog’s neck which produces various sounds. If your dog performs tasks nicely, you can let him by pressing the remote of the collar which will produce a bell or alarm like sound.

Strategies and Techniques for Easy Training of Aussie

The following are some strategies and techniques which will help you to train your Aussie perfectly.

Go Slow

You shouldn’t throw a pile of commands to your dog and expect him to remember all of those in a day. What you’ll need to do is go slowly, one command a day and he’ll fail your expectations.

Be gentle to your Aussie

The Australian Shepherd is an affectionate dog which loves his master to be gentle as well.With anger, he cannot learn things, everything requires a touch of love. If you’ll be gentle to him, he’ll always be faithful to you and will learn everything perfectly.

Make Training a Habit

Your dog will not memorize tasks until you make him do those at a regular basis. You’ll have to train him and make training a part of schedule that he’ll have to follow daily.

Training an Australian Shepherd puppy.

No being will want to learn things if the mentor is not kind and gentle enough towards him. Likewise, your dog will also not learn commands if you don’t treat him the right way. Treat him like a friend and he’ll prove himself to be a very faithful companion for your family.

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