The big, bold and independent Japanese dog Akita goes through a lot of development stages and phases before being a perfect adult Akita.

It is a very necessary task as an owner for you to observe every little changes of your newly born Akitas.

Newborn Stage

The newly born Akitas fully depend on their mother until they are 2-3 weeks old. They cannot control their body temperature on their own and therefore rely on their mother for body warming.

They are deaf and blind at the time of their birth. Teeth development will not start during this stage. They use their senses to get to their mother’s breast and feed themselves.

Neonatal Stage: 0 to 2 Weeks Old

It is the phase where the Akita puppies will go through the development of their body and senses as well. They’ll start opening their eyes and can start hearing. Though they start moving a little, they cannot walk properly.

A little Akita puppy drinking milk from bottle.
Image Source: Rainbowwildlife

Transitional Stage: 2 to 4 Weeks Old

During the transitional stage, the Akita puppies will be able to open their eyes fully and can also hear properly. The senses of hearing and smelling will be developed properly. They will be able to taste foods and will start walking hear and there playing with their fellow buddies.

Socialization Stage: 4 to 12 Weeks Old

Your little puppies will start to socialize themselves with other dogs and people from the 4th to 10th week. Mother’s milk starts to slow down and will begin weaning the semi-solid foods by the 4th week.

Cute little Akita puppies. Image Source:Dreamstime

The critical period of your Akita puppies will be the time when they reach 6 weeks old. They start to accept others as a part of the family. They get influenced by the surrounding environment.

By the 50th day, the brain of the puppies will be developed completely and it is the perfect time for you to start the training of your Akita army.

Juvenile Stage: 3 to 6 Months Old

The Juvenile Stage is also known as the “Elementary school age”. The pre-adolescent age brings the gradual increase in confidence of the little Akitas. The development of the teeths will be completed by this time and they start to eat solid foods.

During this period, you’ll notice the following changes in your puppies.

  • Your Akita pups will start chewing and mouthing as teething starts.
  • They will start challenging your authority as the owner.
  • They will start having the alpha dominant personality.

Adolescent: 6 Months to 1 Year Old

Your Akita will become emotionally and sexually mature by this period. They will surely have the Alpha and dominant personality against other dogs.

An Akita dog. Image Source: Yukiyama

They will start paying attention to each and every thing going around which is the right time to send them to obedience classes. This is also the time where your Akita Puppies switch to solid mature foods.

Lastly, raising a mannerly dog is all about the way you treat your dog. Be gentle with your pups and see the positive change that they’ll show.

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