Bred to work, the Australian Stumpy Tail Cattle Dog name derives from a genetic trait meaning they are born with very short tails. These breeds are working dogs and have the reputation to work in extreme heat that are dangerous to other breeds.

These Australian Stumpy Cattle Dogs can be a wonderful addition to your family if only they are trained properly. A well-trained canine is always wonderful for both families and as a working dog. Thinking of adding the stumpy tail dog? You need to train them properly and give them a lot of time of yours. Here are some easy methods and techniques to train your new furry Australian Stumpies.

When To Start The Training?

The Australian Stumpy Tail Cattle dogs are born working dogs. They are happy when they are working. Confused about when to train your stumpy tailed dog? The answer is, the formal training is delayed until 6 months old.

However, you can start with simple cues the moment you bring them home. They are born stubborn so training should be consistent to avoid behavior like dominance.

Where To Start The Training?

The best place to train your new furry Australian Stumpy Tailed dog will be your home if it has a big back yard. You can even take them on a walk like public parks or a dog park. If you hire a personal trainer for your stumpy tailed dog then it would prefer the big spacious place to train your dog.

Australian Stumpy Tail Dog Training

You can also send them to dog school, puppy pre-school or obedience classes.Where they will get socialize to other dogs easily and will be easy for you too to leave your pet to your neighbors house.

How To Define Task To Australian Stumpy Tail Cattle Dogs?

Having an independent attitude and a strong mind of their own, it automatically makes hard to train and define task for your pet. They are very intelligent and quick learners and may take advantage with an inexperienced owner and do his own thing.

You should always use one command at a time or else it may make the Stumpy tail dog aggressive and not willing to pay attention during the training.

Australian Stumpy Tail Cattle dogs are quick learners, so if you show them how to perform a command giving an example would make them easy to understand. They will thrive when followed by a treat.

The Training Methods

Lure Reward Training

Lure-reward training is one of the easiest ways to teach your Australian Stumpy Tail Cattle new tricks and cues. This training simply involves food using it to guide your dog to perform a desired behavior.

For instance, when teaching a dog to sit, you can take the treat to the dog’s nose and guide it upwards so that the dog sits to look up to treat. Most of the dogs are motivated by treats and you should gradually reduce the frequency of food.

When your dog learns the behavior or the cues, you should remove the food rewards. This method works as foods makes them feel good and motivated. A strong motivator will help to learn anything quickly.

Alpha Dog Training

Australian Stumpy Tail Cattle Dog require alpha dog training or also known as dominance training. Because they are naturally stubborn and independent. It takes no time for them to rise in the position of alpha when they sense lack of leadership.

Alpha dog training helps the stumpy Tail to identify the owner as the alpha and respect them as an alpha. The Dominance training includes understanding the body language, respecting, confidence, and authority. It also says, not to get down on your dog’s eye level and don’t allow them on your furniture with you.

Clicker Training

Clicker training uses the method with a unique sound, a click, to make the dog realize that he has done something right. A dog should be taught that a click means something tasty is coming for him.

When he does something you asked, clicker is presses and it makes sound like ‘click’ followed by a reward. The dog soon gets familiar with the sound and will respond more quickly next time in an expectation of receiving the same reward.

Strategies And Techniques To Make Training Easy

Be Consistent

In a house you or the members of the family may ask the dog to perform a task in a different way which makes your dog confused and lead to stubborn. You should use the same set of commands with a consistent reward.

Control The Environment

During the training session, always use a quite room away from the distraction. Put away toys and other things which he like to prevent him from losing its attention.

Do Not Punish Your Dog

Punishing your dog increases anxiety and undermines your dog’s trust on you. Be gentle to your dog which will reinforce them to perform the desired task. Long term punishment leads to higher risks of aggression.

All in all, shaping your Australian Stumpy Tail Cattle dog’s behavior is necessary with right methods of training and reinforcements.

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