Autism Spectrum disorder (ASD) is a condition of behavioral challenges and development with repetitive interest and social skills. It is a developmental disability caused due to differences in the brain.

People with autism are often very different and have different social skills, behavior, and communication. ASD is not only limited to humans but can also be found in dogs. A dog’s autistic condition is identified as Canine Dysfunctional Behaviour (CBD).

What Causes Autism In Dogs?

Dogs with CBD are often born with it. With some research and studies, it has been found that dogs with CBD are likely to have been exposed to harmful chemicals.

Also, some studies suggest that dogs with CBD may lack a neuron called the mirror neuron which causes them to be different from other dogs.

What Are Autism Symptoms In Dogs?

Some of the symptoms in dogs that may point towards autism in them;

1. Inactive Physically

Dogs are by nature very energetic and active creatures. They are very high-energy animals involved in physical activities. Dogs with Canine Dysfunction Behaviour (CBD) tend to be very inactive and they mostly avoid high-energy activities. They tend to stay away from that kind of activity and stay in places they are familiar with.

2. Communications Problem

Canine’s most common method of communication is through their tail wagging showing excitement and joy. They lower their tails and keep their ear behind when they are afraid. Through these methods, we can easily understand what the dogs are feeling. But the dogs with CBD are difficult to understand as they do not communicate the same as the other dogs do. They do not express any kind of feelings and they avoid eye contact.

3. Repetitive Behaviours

Dogs with CBD often show obsessive and repetitive behaviors. They obsess over circling around trying to catch their tails or continuously teething and grinding. Whatever activity they do they are always repeating them and are obsessed with those activities.

4. Antisocial

Dogs are social creatures always interacting with human beings, dogs, and other animals. Autistic dogs show no social behavior and are very antisocial.

5. Stimuli Response

Another symptom of CBD in dogs includes sensitivity to activities or stimuli. A dog can be scared easily by the smallest thing like a sudden sound or bags. They may also show aggressive responses to such activities.

Ways To Treat Your Autistic Dog

When you find the above symptoms in your dog it is best to consult your veterinarian and follow the methods of treatment they suggest. Other ways you can treat your dog with CBD are listed below;

  • You should make sure your dog feels safe and secure by offering them a safe space.
  • Try to avoid spaces and places where your dog might feel stressed and anxious.
  • To distract your dog from compulsive behaviors exercise may be another way. Exercising your dog regularly may help them be less stressed and anxious.
  • You can also control and plan what they eat and what foods might help treat their CBD. Consulting your vet on the diet plans may be best for your dog.
  • Starting medication by consulting your vet.

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