It was long believed that dogs are color-blind and can only see the world in three colors; black, white, and grey. However, that is not the case, they can see colors like blue and yellow and their world can also be very colorful.

They cannot see colors like red and green but can see those colors as brown or grey. Dogs’ vision might be a little different than human beings in terms of colors.

How Is The Dog’s Vision of Colour Different From That of Humans?

The retina of the eyes has two types of cells, one which detects light and motion and another is the cones that differentiate colors. Human eyes are trichromatic; meaning human eyes have three types of cones that have the vision of red, green, and blue colors. On the other hand, dogs’ eyes are dichromatic; meaning they only have two types of cones which have the vision of two colors blue and yellow.

Dogs can see colors but are different from human eyes. They see the world in blue, yellow, black, white, grey, and with tinges of brown colors. The vision of dogs is similar to red-green color blindness.

Dog’s Vision Compared To Human Beings

Dogs are able to see more clearly in the dark than human beings due to the difference in their vision. Dogs have their eyes on the side of their faces which gives them broader vision compared to human beings.

Their pupils dilate more often and they are able to capture lights more than human eyes. The reflective cells under their retina give them shiny eyes and are able to see more clearly in dark or dim lights.

What Does The Vision of Your Dog Mean To Them And You?

After the knowledge about the dog’s vision it is important you choose colors that your dog is able to see clearly. You should choose their play toys and their products in colors they are able to differentiate.

Your dog will play with green color or green-colored toys more happily than the toys that are pink or red in color. When you play throw with your dog with toys with red colors shade they are most likely not to see the toy with their vision. They will only be able to detect the ball through their motions.

So choose wisely the color of toys for your dog. It is best to choose colors like blue or yellow as these colors give perfect vision for your dog.

Dogs See What They See Because

Dogs’ vision is equipped as such so that they are able to see in dark and dim lights to survive in the wild. Their vision helps them detect the motions which help them in hunting and surviving in the wild.

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