Tall and elegant, the Azawakh is a rare west African sighthound that comes from the countries of Burkina Faso, Mali, and Niger. “Azawakh” means the land of North. These long-legged sighthounds were originally bred to protect the livestock. They then became the prized as hunters of large prey and provide food for the family.

A defining characteristic of Azawakh is its fluid gait. The physical structure allows it to cover extremely uneven terrain swiftly and almost effortlessly. Its short, smooth coat requires little upkeep. However, they need lots of exercises. They can withstand high temperature but don’t do well in cold weather.

What kind of temperament do Azawakh Dogs have?

The temperament of Azawakh dogs tell that they are faithful,gentle and affectionate. They often bond with one family member rather than dividing their affection equally. Because of their unique dispositions, Azawakh do not change owners with ease and can be extremely difficult to rehome.Some are trying to breed more stable and approachable dogs to increase their popularity and reliability.

Azawakhs are loyal and fiercely protective of their families. However, they are usually indifferent, cautious and guarded around strangers. They are reserved, observant and extremely independent dogs. They are calm, self-confident and clever.

Azawakhs that are raised in kennel situations can be achingly shy. They may be nervous, frightened or panicky to the point of freezing in place with unfamiliar people. If pushed they may bite not because of aggression but due to fear.

temperament of azawakh dog
Azawakh dog standing in feild.

Personality traits of Azawakh dogs

Azawakh has its native hunting and guarding instincts, including its prey drive. They are bred to live and hunt in packs.They develop clear hierarchies with other dogs. These dogs express their intentions and moods to one another through sounds and postures that remain mysterious to the humans who love them.

Azawakhs are independent-minded, strong-willed animals that can be dominant. This is not suitable for people who are passive or meek. The owner must set rules and enforce them kindly and consistently. These are smart and sensitive dogs that respond best to reward based positive reinforcement. For owners who understand their disposition, socialize them and train them from puppyhood.

Azawakhs need a coat or sweater if they are out in the cold. They can become overweight and lethargic and destructive.

Are they child friendly?

No, Azawakhs are not child-friendly and does not like to play with kids. He is not friendly with the older children too who like to spend their time playing with video games or reading . However, they can be a good companion dogs as long as someone in the family provides the exercises he needs.

Teach your child how to behave with the dogs. Proper supervision should be made with children and dogs. Never let your child pull the tail nor disturb the dog when eating. This make them angry and can bite the children. So early training is necessary in case of Azawakh dogs. Taking to the puppy kindergarten classes is a first choice.

How it feels to live with Azawakh dogs?

The Azawakh dogs bond strongly to a single person in a family and with him, it is very affectionate, gentle and playful. Puppies must be placed in homes at an early age if they are to adapt. Dogs in new homes may find it difficult to adjust to the change. They are satisfied to be with the people and don’t seek a lot of physical contacts.

The Azawakh is a stoic dog with a high tolerance for pain. It can be difficult to know if the dog is injured or is ill. Check carefully every once in a while  to make sure he doesn’t have a nail sticking out of his foot, a tear in his thin skin or some other injury.

temperament of azawakh dog
Azawakh dog with its family.
source: instagram @herman_the_afgan_hound

Take your Azawakh to the veterinarian soon after the adoption. Your veterinarian will be able to find problems and will work with you to set up a preventive regimen  that will help you avoid many health issues.

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