The Barbet dog is a water dog from France which was bred firstly to show waterfowl, which is testified by his webbed feet. The name “Barbet” comes from the French barbe, which means beard. The breed was probably originated in the eighth century. It was also bred for the purpose of hunting but also a companion dog.

Barbet dog is found in many places throughout history. The dog has done many jobs but remains almost unknown. It became almost extinct after World War I. There are devoted breeders that are trying to surface him back again.

What kind of temperament do Barbet dogs have ?

Barbet’s temperament is described as companionable, joyful, obedient and intelligent. These dogs can quickly learn and need lifelong obedience training. They are great with children, families, and elder.

Barbets are versatile dogs are used in treating patients and cares disabled and blind. Barbet is impulsive, strong and extremely smart and willing to work with family. They need  exercise daily to keep in healthy state of mind and body.

Barbet dogs are capable retrievers for waterfowl hunting. In France the Barbet can take the test d’aptitudes Naturelle, a basic water retrieving test and is permitted to participate in the BICP, which is a general hunting test involving field and water trails. In Germany the Barbets take part in field trials.

Temeperament testing of Barbet dogs.

Personality traits of Barbet dogs breed

The Barbet dog’s personality is playful, joyful, intelligent and obedient. They do great with children and elders. These dogs can develop a strong bond with their family and prefer to be close to their family.

The Barbet dogs need exercise and playing time in order to keep his body and mind healthy . These dogs are calm and easy to live with. They require exercise to be healthy and fit. They have energy and can be good dog with sound mind.

Barbet dogs are intelligent dogs and are easy to train. They were made for water hunting and can still perform this job perfectly. They learn quickly and should be trained for obedience during their lifetime.

temperament of barbet dog
barbet dog

Are they child friendly?

Yes, Barbet dogs are child friendly which is an intelligent and friendly dog with friendly and fun loving personality. They are well known to be joyful, obedient and intelligent. These dogs are very companionable by birth which makes them excellent breed for seniors and families with children. These dogs become angry if they are pulled or disturbed during eating.

Teach your child how to behave to these dogs at early ages. Proper supervision is necessary with the children and dogs. The dogs can do good if they are trained in an early stages. So dogs should be taken to the puppy kindergarten classes at early stages.

How it feels to live with Barbet dogs breed?

Barbet dogs are highly affectionate with family. People can be friendly with them and can behave easily. They are incredibly kid friendly dogs. They play with kids. They are dog friendly too.They are friendly with strangers too. So keeping Barbet as home pet is a benefit to owners.

temperament of barbet dogs
barbet dog with owner
source: instagram @bobbiebarbet

Barbet dogs adapts well to apartment living. The sensitivity level is high and are good with novice owners. These dogs are tolerable to both hot and cold weather. Many people are fond of keeping Barbet dogs as pet.

Due to the rarity of this dog, very few are prone to health issues. They are prone to genetic diseases. This is connected to the fact that they are not very common . Irresponsible people with little knowledge breed them increasing their potential for genetic diseases.

If you decide to contact breeders, spend time to know them. Be aware of of the warning signs of puppy mills and ask for the proof of health clearances or tests performed for the eyes and hips.

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