The Basenji well-known as “barkless” dog breed, originated in Congo region were used to flush games into a hunter’s net and to control the village’s rodent population. He makes a good companion and is excellent for owners who can give them adequate exercise.

The barkless dog attracts everyone with his short coat, small body, erect ears and a tail which is curled up tightly over its hip.

Temperament Of Basenji

The temperament of Basenji dog breed is curious, alert and energetic. One of the best thing about them is that they are very affectionate towards their family and tends to form a bond with their family and adore to be around people and likes to be involved in family activities.

Leaving Basenji alone at home may not be a good idea, as they can create a destructive behavior in them. So, leaving them alone at home you need to make sure that problem-solving toys and plenty of bones are around them so that they don’t feel alone and be busy.

Basenji can be aloof with strangers unless you socialize them properly. These highly energetic dogs make a great companion to small animals as well.

Personality Traits Of Basenji

The Basenji is a unique dog breed which don’t bark much, but less barking doesn’t mean that they are mute or they don’t make noise. It is because they are capable of growling, howling, winning and screaming.

Dogs of this breed are clever enough but not easy to train. You need to be creative and patient to bring out the best qualities in them. Many owners and breeders refer to them as “catlike” as they are great at licking and are quite like cats.

Are Basenji Child Friendly?

Basenji sometimes have a dominant nature due to which they are not much recommend with toddlers and small children. But, yes they do well with older children.

Always teach your children how to approach dogs, and they should always be supervised when playing.

How It Feels To Live With Basenji?

The Basenji is so lively that they can make the calmest family livelier. When you adopt a Basenji, you need to be sure that they are getting their adequate exercise so that he doesn’t use up his energy on destroying your home.

Because they have short coat, they are easy to groom. If you are planning to have a Basenji, you have to be sure that you atre able to spend plenty of time with them.

This breed is not for everyone, but for them who can appreciate their attitude and intelligence. If they get their adequate mental and physical exercise, they can be an excellent companion for your family.

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