The Belgian Tervuren is considered as the most elegant dog of the four Belgian herding breeds. He is a medium-sized versatile combination of beauty and brain with striking appearance.

This breed was originated in Belgium for the purpose of herding the livestock in the 19th Century. Today, these dogs are often used as military and police dogs because of their aggressive and protective instinct.

What Kind of Temperament do the Belgian Tervuren have?

The Belgian Tervuren is an intelligent and vigilant breed of dogs which makes him an excellent watchdog which will not attack without reason. Their instincts will enable them to be protective of his family and yard.

A Belgian Tervuren jumping off an obstacle. Image Source: Wikimedia Commons

The Belgian Tervuren is a highly individualistic breed and some dogs are very lively, while others might best be described as mellow. However, there are some characteristics in them which should be possessed by every dog.

The natural herding instinct of Tervurens makes them prone to chasing and nipping. They can get down to chasing and nipping at the heels of your children if they don’t have interesting things to do.

Personality Traits of the Belgian Tervuren breed

The Belgian Tervuren is a very affectionate and devoted dog which makes super family dog but is more suited to families with older children who will treat him with respect and care.

A Belgian Tervuren training/playing with his owner. Image Source: Instagram@sooycuriosa

A Tervuren dog needs activities constantly, whether it is playing with children or going on long walks or fetching. He can be trained with excellence to do any task you give him.

Tervuren dogs get familiar with other family pets that they been raised with. However, their herding instinct will come into play automatically when they see smaller objects.

Are they Child-friendly?

The Belgian Tervuren can be very good with children if they are raised together. However, it should be considered that the breed is a high-energy herding breed that possess great herding skills.

The natural herding instinct of the dog may come into play when they play together. If the Tervuren has nothing interesting to do, he may go chasing after the children and try to herd them.

Belgian Tervuren with a kid. Image Source: Pinterest

Be careful to never leave your kids and the dog unsupervised. Kids are not safe alone around such high-energy herding dog.

How does it feel to live with a Belgian Tervuren?

Belgian Tervuren is an energetic breed of dog that needs to be constantly engaged with activities that’ll help him spend his brain power and energy. He is absolutely protective of his loved ones and their property as well.

The Tervuren is very aggressive and dominant against the other dogs of the same sex. Some may even have strong instincts to chase after small animals like cats and small dogs.

A Belgian Tervuren enjoying the nature with his owner. Image Source: Instagram@jazzthetervuren

The Belgian Tervuren is a very alert breed that observes even small changes near its surrounding environment. He can sense every little change that you make in the house.

If you train your Belgian Tervuren properly, you can be assured a perfect watchdog and a loyal companionship. All you need to do is to train your dog with positive reinforcements and kindness.

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