With its gloomy looking eyes to mournful face, Basset Hound are probably one of the loveliest dog in the world. It needs no introduction since they are already famous for their expensive expression even non-dog lovers can name this dog on sight!

If you want a dog who is good-natured of all breed, is sociable with people as well as with animals then Basset Hound is the right dog for you. However, before adding a Basset you must know about the temperament and personality of the breed.

Calm, Patient And Steady Temperament of Basset Hound

The Basset Hounds are known for their calm and patient temperament. They are also known as “clown” dogs because they do their thing on their own time which often lead to humorous interactions. They are not aggressive to people and other animals. They will happily welcome your guests with a tail wagged.

Basset Hound Giving His Cute Expression.
Basset Hound. Image Source:Vital Planet.

However, that does not mean that they are easy to train or easiest breed to live with! Basset Hounds can be stubborn at times especially if they get the scent of anything suspicious, they will ignore your calls. As known, Bassets are not eager to obey commands.

Basset Hounds live for food which is the reason they are fat. They are champion beggers and can steal your food in just a blink of an eye. Be aware of your short-legged dog around food!

Personality Traits of Basset Hounds

The mild-mannered Basset Hounds are loyal, affectionate and active dogs. He gets along with the children as well as other pets, the only thing to make him excited is a good scent trail. They are calm indoor dogs but makes an alert watchdogs.

Basset Hound Caught Stealing Food From The Fridge.

Training your Basset Hounds is th hardest thing to do. They are very stubborn when it comes to training, however, positive reinforcements like foods will help you train your stubborn Basset. With their long ears and droopy eyes, they might seem like a lazy dog but in fact they are active dogs ruled by their nose.

They are never in a hurry to go anywhere. However, bred as a hunting dogs, sometimes sends him out of the fence. These dogs are not to keep in a back yard. Basset Hounds love their people and love being around them.Separation anxiety is a common problem in Bassets, before leaving them alone, you should provide them good amount of exercises and chewing toys. Otherwise, they will howl when bored and may destruct your house.

Are Children Safe Around Basset Hound?

Yes of course! Basset Hounds are very gentle around kids. There is no other play-mate good as Basset Hounds. Bassets love playing with children and will also protect your kids. They will tolerate the noise made by children and will also sit patiently when they are being used as a horse by kids.

Basset Hound And The Baby Are Best Of Friends.

However, like any other breed, you should always supervise your toddlers around your pet.

Living With A Basset Hound

What can be more entertaining than living with a Beset Hound. They are wonderful family dogs with a clownish personality. They are not eager to please type dogs yet can be fun to see them.


If you’re looking for an easy to groom dogs, then they may be right for you. They make a good family dogs since Basset Hounds are friendly with all even intruders.

Lastly, it may be challenging to train your Basset Hound but with some patience and effort they make an ideal pet. Nothing is as better as curling up with your Basset Hound at the end of the day.

Celebrity Who Owns Basset hound

  • Seamus Dever

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