Basset Hound is a small-sized dog whose legs are short and the body is long. They are a hound-type dog that was developed in French for hunting purposes. It hunts small game as well as a big game through their scent.

Every dog needs training if you want it to be a well-mannered and obedient companion. Basset Hound needs an active and loving family who can provide them with consistent and form leadership. This article covers the methods and ways to train your dog.

When to Start Training Basset Hound

Training should always be started when they are still a puppy. As soon as they reach the age of 6-8 weeks as they are intelligent enough to soak up basics things. They are full of energy and are very eager to please their owner wt this age which makes training easy. Teach them basics like potty training, coming when being called, their name, and capturing their attention.

Continue teaching them basic obedience and as they get adult, enroll them in agility.

Basset Hound AKC agility invitational.

Where to Train Basset Hound?

Basic training can be done in the house but for other tricks and commands, an open place like the park is best. If you have a big yard, you can train your Basset Hound there. Although leash training is very important before taking them out for training. Since it is a scenthound, it can run off at the sniff of a certain interesting scent.

Training should be fun and entertaining otherwise, they can easily get bored. Keep the session fun by including tricks and other dog’s sports. As they complete a certain task, reward them with treats as it will motivate them and they will be focused on the training.

Basset Hound Running
Basset Hound Running.
Image Source: Basset Hound

How to Define Task for Basset Hound?

Basset Hound is an independent dog that is hard to train, so learning its behavior and establishing good leadership is very necessary. Use hand gestures, body language as they also learn by observing the behavior of its trainer. Hand gestures them while making them set, come or stop, so they can learn faster and more conveniently.

Use vocal at the same time you gesture them so they get the command right and learn fast. Sometimes you also need to perform the task to teach them so they learn by observing you.

Training Process

Leadership: Leadership is very important while training your Basset Hound. It has an independent nature which can lead to stubborn behavior, so establishing leadership is important when they are still young and eager to please.

Basset Hounds running on the beach
Basset Hounds running on the beach.
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Positive Reinforcement: positive reinforcement is a mus-use method while training your dog. It responds well to reward-based training will motivate and encourages them. As soon as they complete a certain task, reward them with treat and lots of vocal praises.

Socialization: Socialization is a very important part of training your dog. You do not want your dog to be timid and shy around strangers whenever someone is around. When they are still a puppy, take them in a park or places with people and other canines to socialize them.

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