Bedlington is a small terrier breed, who very much looks like a lamb but its temperament makes him more of a lion.

The Bedlington Terrier originally comes from from the North-East of England in a town called Rothbury on the Scottish Island. It is sometimes known as the Rothbury Terrier.

What Temperament Do Bedlington Have?

The temperaments of Bedlington Terrier is affectionate, spirited, intelligent and good-tempered. These calm dogs are easy going with other pets and is well suitable for first time owners, as they are people-oriented and always eager to please its owner.

Bedlingtons are intelligent, alert dogs and at times tends to be aggressive with other pets when outdoors. However, these terriers tend to chase small animals including cats, squirrel or hamster and because they are racing dogs they are very fast while chasing and its nearly impossible to catch and control them.

These unique looking dogs can be demanding and stubborn but respond well to positive training which includes lots of praise.

Personality Traits Of Bedlington

The Bedlinghton are small sized dogs with large personality. The personality traits of Bedlington is sassy, alert and strong-willed. They are sensitive dogs but makes excellent family dogs.

They are well-going with other animals and children. They enjoys being the centre of attention. However, they are loyal and fun- loving to everyone, but tends to select one person of the family to to bond a close relationship and will spend all its time following them around.

Bedlington Are Fun-Loving Dogs
The Bedlington Driving Toy Car Image via Catersnews

Is Bedlington Child-Friendly?

Bedlingtons are highly energetic breed is well going with children and sometimes children are the only one who can keep up with them. However, children who have not been taught how to react with dogs can find can find difficulty in dealing with a Bedlington

You need to set rules for both your child and Bedlington and need to be seriously supervised with young children, as they may accidentally hurt small children while playing.

How Does It Feel To Live With Bedlington?

Barking is a major trait among Bedlingtons, they may bark at every small noise they hear, and anyone entering your territory, even if they know the person they will bark to make their owners alert.

Bedlington is not aggressive but sometimes be aggressive to other dogs, but early socialization can prevent this. They tend to chase small animals outside, therefore they should be kept on leash area.

They are high maintenance dog who requires daily brushing, as their tight curls can become matted and may be impossible to brush through if left non-brushed for a long time.

If you are looking for a small sized terrier, who is fast, agile, graceful, less rowdy and easygoing with children, then Bedlington is for you. They are fun loving and loves to greet everyone.

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