The Franch dog Beauceron was bred as a working dog and was specialized for guarding of flocks of sheep. They are believed to be related to Doberman Pinscher as they had a contribution to the development of Doberman Pinscher.

They are known to be confident, alert and serious dogs and along with that they are generally athletic, agile and needs a good amount of exercise to keep them fit and fine. If dogs of this breed do not get an adequate amount of exercise and independence, then they may lead to destructive behaviors.

What Temperament Do Beauceron Have?

The temperament of Beauceron is calm, obedient, loyal, independent well approachable, and composed. They are independent dogs and are quite easy to train if you are confident and able to take its charge. They tend to form a close relationship with their families and friends and will be protective of them.

Beaucerons are generally not aggressive but may be aggressive towards strangers if not socialize enough. These dogs require both physical and mental exercise.

These highly intelligent dogs are not suitable for apartments and families who just want an easy-going companion. They do make and excellent family pet and even do good with children but are not considered as a standard family dog.

These athletic dogs enjoy working, running, playing especially when it comes to competitive dogs they represent the best in them.

Personality Traits Of Beauceron

The personality of Beauceron is bold, smart, strong, and confident. They are happiest when active and are well suited to owners who like to walk, hike, bike, and swim.

The Beauceron Are Child-Friendly
The Beauceron, Dog From France.
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They are protective by nature and can be wary of strangers, early socialization can prevent this by making them aggressive. However, dogs of these can be extremely aggressive with other dogs of same sex, unless they are raised with other pets.

These highly intelligent dogs always appear to be in a serious mode of thinking, and this is because of their active and alert temperament.

Is Beauceron Child-Friendly?

The Beauceron is gentle and gets along well with children, especially with the older ones, who can treat them respectfully and can play outdoors with them. Though, supervision by elders is needed, as they are herding dogs and can nip at your child.

How It Feels To Live With Breauceron?

The Beauceron has both smart and loyal temperament and is eager to please its owner. They are versatile working dogs who are good at everything, but tend to have an independent mind of their own. Some of them are very dominant and make you prove that you can make them do things.

The Beauceron has a large strong build who needs to remain active and busy or they may become frustrated.

If you are looking for a dog who is large, athletic and are rugged handsome, who looks stern, imposing and makes a good watchdog, them A Beauceron may be right for you.

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