The Belgian Laekenois is the rarest among the four closely related Belgian Herders which are the Belgian Sheepdog, Malinois, Tervuren and Laekenois. The breed originated in Belgium in the middle ages.

The Laekenois dogs were used to herd and protect flocks of sheep and fields of crops in Flanders, Belgium.

What kind of temperament do the Belgian Laekenois have?

Being bred for herding and guarding purpose, the Belgian Laekenois has natural herding and guarding instincts. These instincts include pushing, chasing, bullying, circling and other types of intimidation.

Belgian Laekenois is a protective and devoted dog. Image Source: Wag!

Such behaviors of the dog can be dangerous for the people around him and as well as him. He has a pack mentality and wills to be the Alpha one. He will dominate pets and people, including his owner, to be the leader.

The Laekenois can be very territorial and aggressive to claim his yard. It requires a confident owner who can take the control of his dominant behaviors

Personality Traits of Belgian Laekenois breed

The Belgian Laekenois has a smart, courageous and bold personality. He is extremely possessive of his loved ones but is aggressive around strangers. He is not a friendly and approachable dog.

Little Belgian Laekenois puppies. Image Source: ResearchBreeder

Laekenois can be very dominant and aggressive and hence should never be provoked to avoid attacks. The Laekenois makes a wonderful watchdog as it is bred to herd, guard, and protect his owner and loved ones.

However, he needs a lot of attention and socialization to make him reliable companion for the family.

Is the Laekenois Child-friendly?

No, Laekenois is not so child-friendly breed. Being bred for herding purpose, he might chase and push the small children. He is an aggressive breed that can attack anyone if provoked.

As children are very fun loving, they may provoke the herding beast and end up getting serious injuries. It is better not to rear a Laekenois if you have children.

How it feels to live with the Belgian Laekenois?

The Belgian Laekenois is a very aggressive breed of dogs. As originally bred for herding purpose, he may show herding instincts such as chasing and pushing. He can also attack if provoked.

laekenois can be excellent watch and guard dogs. Image Source: Instagram@allboysfourme

Be sure to keep your children out of the Laekenois reach until the children are old enough to behave properly with your dog. Despite a threat for your small children, he can be excellent watchdog and will protect your house.

The bottom line is that it is better not to rear a Laekenois dog if you have small children. He can be very vicious if provoked. This breed is not meant for everybody. It requires great amount of patience and hard work to control the dog. Think before you act!

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