The Belgian Sheepdog is the most beautiful dog among the four Belgian herding dogs- Laekenois, Malinois, Sheepdog, and Tervuren that originated in Belgium to herd sheep are very muscular and elegant.

The alert, devoted, and protective dog combines the versatility of a working dog with the gentleness of a family companion. He can be a wonderful family companion as long as he receives the proper training he needs.

What kind of Temperament does the Belgian Sheepdog have?

The Belgian Sheepdogs are prone to chasing because of their herding nature. This behavior of the dogs can cause their accidents with bikes, cars and other animals.

A Belgian Sheepdog with her puppy. Image Source: Pets4Homes

The inborn herding nature of the sheepdog makes him protective of his home and family and also wary of strangers. It is better not to bring small pets in your house as he might chase and try to herd them.

Chewing, barking, and separation anxiety can sometimes be seen in this breed because of boredom and lack of exercise. It is important that should be socialized as early as possible.

Personality traits of the Belgian Sheepdog

The Belgian Sheepdog or Shepherd is a smart, brave, devoted and alert dog breed that is always in motion. He is an excellent watchdog as per his observation skills but is distrustful of strangers because of his herding heritage.

The Sheepdog is affectionate and friendly with people he knows, especially his family members. He is very demanding of their time and attention. he doesn’t like to be left alone and requires plenty of training, fetch and play.

Having an intelligent, alert and brave personality, the Belgian Sheepdog is an ideal match for your family companion. He can be trained to do any task and will do every task put before him with efficiency and excellence.

Is the Belgian Shepherd Child-friendly?

The Belgian Sheepdogs are affectionate and gentle with most people and pets. However, they do have strong herding instincts and may chase, nip, or nudge your children to herd them.

If the dog is raised with children from the very beginning, then the dog might do well with them. Or else, the dog won’t be a fruitful companion for your children.

A Belgian Sheepdog with a child. Image Source: [email protected]

The Sheepdog needs to be well socialized with children for their betterment. Leaving your kids and the dog without any surveillance is not an ideal decision to make.

How does it feel to live with a Belgian Sheepdog?

The Belgian Sheepdog is not a dog breed that lazes around the house. He is an active working dog and needs a job to do every time. You’ll have to make sure that you keep him engaged either by playing with him of training him.

The Belgian Sheepdog is highly trainable and thrives on advanced obedience, trick and agility training. You can take him to agility and other sports competition.

A Belgian Sheepdog with his owner. Image Source: Instagram@uk_xj

Though the Belgian Sheepdog is easily trainable, he sometimes acts quite stubborn and willful. You’ll have to train him in a consistent and daily basis.

What you should know is that owning a Belgian Sheepdog means adopting an active life. You’ll have to train them very patiently and with lots of kindness. Positive reinforcement is the only key to train him perfectly.

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