Black Russian Terrier is a large breed that is devoted to it’s family. They are guard dog which automatically means they often can have a mindset of their own and a stubborn nature.

These breed are very suspicious of strangers. Black Russian Terrier will go to any level to protect their owners, which sometimes can be dangerous. They need proper training to thrive in any situation and place.

When To Start Training A Black Russian Terrier

The best time to start training your Black Russian Terrier is when he is eight weeks old. By this time they will be able to start hoovering around and become more curious about their pack.

While training your Terrier, always remember to motivate them. Your pup might feel bored after minutes of training, and that’s okay, give them time to gather back their learning spirit. If you force your Black Russian Terrier to train, then the result will be exact opposite than what you’ve expected.

Where To Start Training Black Russian Terrier

Like it’s said, home is our first school, same goes for the pooches too. Black Russian Terrier should be trained at home before sending them to any classes. Before starting any advance training, your dog should be familiar with basic training to thrive with the advanced one.

After the Black Russian Terrier is older enough, then you can slowly start agility training. You can either train them at your backyard or even sending them to training classes. However, training at your home has high advantages as the Black Russian Terrier are familiar to the surrounding and tend to thrive.

How To Define Task To Black Russian Terrier

Black Russian Terrier are calm breed with strong guarding instincts. If you are a first time owner, you must pay attention on your dog’s behavior. You must be familiar with their mood and in what way you can achieve the interest.

Another important thing, while training Black Russian Terrier is, you need to focus on verbal commands. Use simple hand gestures for command like ‘sit’ or ‘paw’. This way, your Black Russian Terrier will be able to understand more fast and clear. As soon as they complete the task, do not forget to reward them. This process will make them motivated as well as eager to perform the task.

Black Russian Terrier Body Guard Training. Image Source – scbdfc.

As already said, that Black Russian Terrier are guard dogs, they should be given socialization training as well from a tender age. These dogs should know when to act and when to not. They need to be socialized to other animals and people to avoid behavior like barking unnecessarily, attacking, or even chasing.

Before keeping your high hopes from your Black Russian Terrier to thrive the training, you must teach them with full dedication. As long as you are not serious about the dog’s training then you’re dog will reciprocate in the same way.

Training Methods

Positive Reinforcement

Positive Reinforcement training method has always been a successful method for both the owners as well as for the trainers. In this method, you will constantly praise your Black Russian Terrier for completing the task.

Black Russian Terriers Getting Treats. Image Source – Instagram.

By praising their work will help build a positive mindset in them. Your Black Russian Terrier would want the same kind of praise and love from you so they would be willing to perform the task happily.

Clicker Training For Black Russian Terrier

Clicker training is just another form of positive reinforcement. In this training methods, you’d be using a device which make a quick sound like, ‘click’ which you will use after your dog performs the given task.

Watch Victoria Stilwell using clicker training method.

Instead of using a treat every time, you can also motivate your Black Russian Terrier by using the clicker device. It will work same as the positive reinforcement training.

Rival Based Training

Rival based training is a kind of training where you will make your Black Russian Terrier insecure by keeping an opponent during the training session.

In this training method, you will give a task to it’s owner and will praise them for doing it right. In this way, the Black Russian Terrier will start feeling insecure and will be focused to get it correct.

Training Strategies To Apply While Training Black Russian Terrier

Setting a Routine

While you are training your Black Russian Terrier it is very important to set a routine. When you will start the training every day at the same time then your dog will get easily habituated about their training. In the other hand, they will not make any fuss or feel lazy about it.

Never Punish Your Dog

Punishing or raising your voice to your dog is never a solution especially with Black Russian Terrier. They are calm dogs, but when you punish them, they might become aggressive or stubborn. Moreover, they won’t be willing to perform any task given after the punishment. It will simply demotivate your Black Russian Terrier.

Wait and Repeat

Black Russian Terrier might not always pick up their training as soon as they are taught. You need to be calm and cool-headed while training your dog. If they don’t understand the command, then kindly repeat the task to them.

To conclude, always have patience while training Black Russian Terrier. It may take time to get trained but it is not impossible. Hope you will apply the methods and strategy, and soon enjoy a company with a well trained dog in the pack.

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