Blue Lacy has a loving, calm, and sweet nature that makes a great companion for the family. However, if you are a first-time owner then these breeds are not for you. They are an energetic, intelligent, and trainable breed that needs to run a lot in wide space. These breeds are suited for the owner that gives them an adequate amount of exercise.

The medium-sized breed has many personalities and behavioral traits while growing. Before owning them, you must know their temperament and behavior to know them better.

The temperament of Blue Lacy

The Blue Lacy is a highly active breed that needs multiple runs and walks throughout the day. Their temperament in general is alert, intelligent, loyal, and friendly. Being both hunting and herding dogs, they are hard workers and determined to work any tasks given. They love to take on any big job and control difficult livestock if trained properly.

Blue Lacy licking his own nose.
Image Source: BarkPost

With effective training, they can be great working dogs but lack of training can make them destructive. So, early training and socialization are very important for them. Their family-oriented nature makes them affectionate their loved ones. In addition, they form a bond with family members and want to be around them.

The personality of Blue Lacy

Lacy dog barks a lot in fact if they start barking it’s quite difficult to quiet down. They are very protective of their families and children which is also the reason they make great watchdogs. Moreover, Blue Lacy makes an excellent family companion with its loving, loyal, and friendly nature.

Blue Lacy playing around with himself.
Image Source: Pinterest

They are in their best state when a job is given where they use their physical and mental energy properly. Provide challenging tasks where they get to hunt and perform small tree games. Remember if they stayed free for too long they easily get bored and start to chew or dig even if they aren’t supposed to.

Is Blue Lacy Child-Friendly?

They are family dogs with friendly and protective nature however, they don’t do well with small pets or young children. Their high-level intensity makes them difficult to raise with children. Also, they might play rough or accidentally hurt children while playing. However, they are good with children and aren’t aggressive with them.

Is Blue Lacy Aggressive?

When you show positive behavior they respond likewise but won’t respond well when yelled at or punished. Their sensitive nature can either make them depressed or aggressive. They might be aggressive towards other pets and animals so, socialization training is a must for them.

How Does Blue Lacy Behave Around Strangers?

Blue Lacy doesn’t do well with strangers as they somewhat are distrustful of them. Their highly territorial makes them suspicious of any stranger they meet. Moreover, they are eager and start to chase everything they see that moves. Continuous provoking can be dangerous as they don’t like being teased by strangers hence, make sure it doesn’t happen.

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