Blue Lacy is a herdy, hunting, family dog and watchdog that are easy to train. This breed always needs a job of their own that keeps them busy throughout the day. Likewise, they are capable of managing a group of herding animals, search and rescue, as well as some ranch work.

There are many techniques and methods to train your Blue Lacy. Among all the methods choose what’s the best and effective way for them. Here are some tips on how to train your dog at home easily.

When To Train Blue Lacy?

Training your Blue Lacy should start early when they reach around 8 weeks old. At this age teach some simple commands like ‘stay’, ‘come’, ‘go’, and so on. They are a quick learner so they learn everything quickly in their training session. When they are 4 months older, begin their advanced training and include some activity like agility, dog race, and other sports.

Slowly increase their commands as well as activity level according to their potential. In addition, socialize them properly as they must have proper behavior along with proper training. Socialize them with other canines, pets, and people in different places like parks, shops, classes, and others.

Where To Train Blue Lacy?

Their training starts at a very early age so, it can be done in a friendly environment like home. During this time they are still adapting to their surroundings hence, sending them to a new place can make them uncomfortable. Avoid outdoor training as they get distracted easily by other pets and animals. You can train them in the kitchen, private room, or living room where there is enough space for them.

Blue Lacy playing around the garden.
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Likewise, as they grow, shift their training space outdoor like backyard, park, or open places. They also get less distracted at this age and stay more focused so, outdoor training won’t be a problem. However, if you are a first-time owner or having a hard time training them then take them to training classes. They get to learn more skills and controlled behavior there.

How To Define Task For Blue Lacy?

Defining tasks is a little challenging for everyone but with patience and leadership, it gets easier. While training, this breed can show dominant and stubborn behavior hence, make sure you introduce yourself as a pack leader.

Blue Lacy is training with his owner.
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For defining tasks, use the visual presentation to make it easier. For instance, teach the “sit” command at first then show how to do it. If they do it correctly, reward them with treats or their favorite toys. They are quick learners but still lack attention and get bored easily. To avoid this, make training sessions short and fun where treats are included in between them.

Training Methods

There are various methods to train your dog hence, here are some tips on it. Every dog act differently so, research which method shows the best result among all these and other methods.

Positive Reinforcement

This is one of the most effective methods to use while training your dog. Positive Reinforcement ensures that your dog shows good and proper behavior for the rest of its life. It’s not difficult for owners as well as dogs because all you need to do is show a positive attitude towards them. Whenever they show bad behavior, use this method instead of giving punishment or using harsh words.

Avoid Punishment

Blue Lacy is a loyal and sensitive breed as they only want love from their owners. Punishment is never an option for these breeds as physical punishment and harsh words cause anxiety or depression. They also start to lose faith in you which can either backfire or have mental illness in them.

Clicker Training

For athletic breeds like Blue Lacy, clicker training helps to speed up training in a fun way. It is a simple device that makes a click sound when pressed. While training press the clicker when they do it correctly. Use this method instead of constant reward making the sound an achievement for them.

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