The Borzoi dogs are large, elegant and are dignified, quiet, sensitive and somewhat aloof and prefer that its human companions behave in a similar way.

Borzois needs plenty of space to run and are not suitable for homes where they cannot romp around. These dogs thrive when left in the yard to play. Borzoi is beautiful breed and you’ll be self-manipulated by their gorgeous looks.

What Kind Of Temperament Do Borzoi Dog Possess ?

The Borzoi dogs have personality and temperament that is independent but sensitive. They are loyal and affectionate dogs can be quite independent and stubborn at times. They are intelligent by nature and will do not tolerate harsh handling.

Borzoi dogs are good-natured, gentle, calm and non aggressive because they seem to be amused at whatever entertainment comes their way. True to their origin, Borzoi are avid hunters and will chase any small fleeing animal.

temperament of Borzoi
Borzoi with owner.
Image Source:breeds-dogs.blogspot

Borzois are sensitive and are one of great family dogs. They are friendly with everyone but are quite wary of strangers. However, they won’t show aggression until its needed. They are adequate watch dogs and will bark.

Personality Traits Of Borzoi

Some of the personality traits of Borzoi dogs are as follows;

Gentle, Playful And Friendly

Borzoi dogs are famous for their gentle, non-aggressive and lively spirit. These breeds are very affectionate with their loved ones and will demand human companionship.

Borzois Crave Companionship

The Borzoi dogs do not do well when left along for long periods. These breed prefer being in the pack of their loved one and are happiest when they participate in the family activities like hiking, picnics and more.

It Can Be Selective

Borzoi are not only friendly with kids but are well behaved around other people and animals if introduced properly. This breed can be quite selective to the things, meaning, if they don’t like the person, they will not!

Borzois Are Intelligent And Intuitive

Borzoi are intelligent dogs. Which makes training a challenging part of the life. Since they are intelligent they try to be stubborn and dominant to their leaders. However, confident and firm leadership is a must when you have a Borzoi.

Are They Child Friendly?

Yes, Borzoi dogs are child-friendly because they are playful and energetic dogs. They are good with children of all ages. They will pair up with older kids running along whereas a great companion with toddlers guarding them.

Borzoi dog playing with kid.

No matter what is the size of the breed, you should always supervise your child when you leave them with your pet. When it comes to Borzoi, they are huge in size and may unintentionally harm your children.

How It Feels To Live With Borzoi Dogs?

Borzoi dogs are truly a family dog because they need a companion who can spend some time with them. This dog will need a room to relax and stretch. They are not the kind of the breed who will curl up in the corner and a couch potato types! They will need enough time to stretch their long elegant legs outdoors playing and running around. The tired Borzoi is always a pleasure to watch.

temperament of borzoi dog
Borzoi dog. source: instagram @zoecontros

Borzois love cold weather and often lie on hard, cold surfaces. Their coat sheds especially once in a year and the long coat should be brushed two to three times a week.

What Can Make Your Dog Aggressive?

Anxiety is one of the most important factor to make any dog aggressive. In terms of Borzoi, it is also the same thing. Borzoi are independent but will crave for theor loved ones attention. Leaving them for a long time might tend to aggression.

Celebrity Who Owns This Dog

Celebrity owners of Borzoi dogs include

  • Liberace
  • Bo Derek
  • Michael Douglas
  • Don Johnson
  • Nick Nolte
  • Rod Stewart

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