Boston Terrier is a very lively and intelligent dog. They are wonderful companions for apartment dwellers. Even though the Boston Terrier is a very lovely companion, you need to train them to get out the best behavior from them.

As said, they are a very intelligent breed, it might get hard sometimes to train these dogs. Boston Terrier might develop the dominating feeling that they know everything or don’t need to be trained. However, follow the simple training strategies and techniques while training them.

When and Where To Start The Training?

You can train your Boston Terrier when you bring them home. However, the right age to start the training is 8 weeks old. Until then, your Boston Terrier will still be very small to understand any of your training commands.

The best place to train the Boston Terrier is your home itself. Boston Terrier can thrive during the training session if they are trained in their own surrounding. Any room inside your house or even your back yard can work.

How To Define Task To Boston Terrier?

Boston Terrier are very loyal and calm breed. This will make easier to train. However, they are also highly intelligent which may make them stubborn at times. You will need patience and consistency while training them.

While you are training them inside the house, make sure to clear out everything that can grab the attention of your pooch while training. Such as, toys, treats or even their sleeping bed.

Boston Terrier Giving High Five. Image Source – Rover.

And when you are training your Boston Terrier outside in the backyard, then you should be conscious about the other animals. That may distract your dog while training.

Defining a task can be easier for Boston Terrier. Therefore, to make it more clear, use hand gestures to explain the commands.

Training Strategies For Boston Terrier

These are some training strategies you can apply while training your Boston Terrier.

  • Train them at their own comfortable space. It will make them feel more secure and tend to thrive during the training sessions.
  • Avoid punishments. While training your Boston Terrier, you should never punish them or use harsh tone of voice. Instead, have patience and give time to your dog to settle down. Once, they are ready, you can start the training.
  • Reward them with treats or their favorite toys, as soon as they complete the command. This will develop positive attitude, and will be willing to perform the task for the treats.

Training Process

Leash Training

Leash training is very important for dogs. Walking in leash helps the people around to be safe as well as the dog. There are places where your dog should be on leash compulsory while walking.

Boston Terrier Enjoying The View With His Human Friend. Image Source – Instagram.

Give your Boston Terrier leash training while they are still a puppy. It helps them to get habituated with the leash. Your dog may not like the leash at first but can get comfortable eventually.

Take them on short walk outside in the backyard at first. Teach them not to pull the leash. Later, when they are comfortable walking on leash, you can take them to walk at the park or even while you are riding a bike.

Positive Reinforcement

Positive reinforcement works with every breed as it encourages the owner to treat positively with their pets. When you treat them with love on their success for completing the command, you will get the same result as return.

Boston Terrier Playing With It’s Favorite Toy. Image Source – Instagram.

This method helps the Boston Terrier to motive and encourage themselves. When they will receive rewards and treats, they will get more energetic and willing to perform the task even more correctly. Nevertheless, reward doesn’t only mean treats, you can also give them their favorite toys or verbal praise.

Clicker Training

Clicker training is just the another form of positive training. It is similar because in clicker training you will praise or reward your Boston Terrier with a device which makes a sharp noise ‘click’.

Zac George Explains Clicker Training.

You will use the device to reward them as soon as they complete the task. However, first you need to train them that the ‘click’ means a reward. While you use the device, you don’t have to give your Boston Terrier their favorite toy or treats.

All in all, these were some techniques and strategies to apply while training Boston Terrier. Nevertheless, don’t lose hope while training your pet. Have patience and use the above methods.

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