The small tuxedo-like marking dogs, Boston Terrier are friendly and lively dogs. The bat-like ear dogs are perfect for apartment dwellers. They are known for being very intelligent dogs. Their lively nature makes them extremely lovable family dogs.

Although Boston Terrier is small but muscular and sturdy. Their sleek, shiny and straight coat that resembles a tuxedo which gave them the nickname, ‘American Gentleman’. After all this, did you fall in love with the American Gentleman? If yes then, there are more things you need to know about their temperament and personality.

Boston Terrier Have An Even Temperament

These bat-like ears dog are gentle and mild-mannered. Boston love their family and love being with them. For this reason, separation anxiety is often a problem. They are considered as ‘needy’ dogs, they will follow you everywhere you go.

Boston Terrier Showing His Cute Side.
Boston Terrier Showing Cute Side Of His face. Image Source: Bow Wow Meow Pet Insurance

Like any other dogs, early socialization is a must for your Boston Terrier. If not socialized properly, they might not be the right choice for your family. Like other terriers, Boston Terriers are also barkers. They don’t like being around other dogs or small pets.

Is Boston Terrier Child-Friendly?

Are these dogs safe for your kids? YES! because these small dogs with muscular structure are child friendly. These dogs loves staying under the supervision of kids. Due to their sturdy nature makes them less brittle, making them tolerate the noise made by children.
Boston Terrier Loves Playing With Babies.

Not only they make a wonderful companion with kids, but also with elderly people. If they are brought in a family, they will start thinking them as the part of the family. They like participating in activities like play-ball and agility training.

How Is It To Live With An American Gentleman?

If you want a dog who is sturdy, has an expressive eyes, polite with everyone then this breed may be right for you. You can never have a boring day if you have a Boston Terrier in your house. They will always entertain you with their clownish nature. They love to be loved and participating in house activities.

Boston Terriers are loyal to their family but not an aloof dogs with strangers. They will welcome your guests with a tail wagged. They can be friends with other pets if raised with them. Your tuxedo-like pet won’t disappoint you and will help you even in household works.

Boston Terrier Helping His Owner To Do Laundry.

How Is Boston Terrier’s Personality Like?

Known as the American Gentleman, Boston are incredibly sweet nature dogs which will make a perfect family dogs. They are very intelligent and thrive during their training sessions. However, they might be stubborn at times and are rarely aggressive. Boston are very sensitive and can sense wheather his master is sad or happy.

Boston terrier Loves Playing Frisbee

Every dog’s temperament depends on how they are raised. They need proper socialization training to make them a better dog for family. They love playing outdoor games like, playing ball, frisbee and fetch games.

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