Brittany Spaniel breeds are one of the stylish-medium sized dogs, although referred to as spaniel, they are energetic hunting breeds. They are extremely active, excellently smart enough and versatile in nature. Brittany were bred as gun dogs and compared to other haunting breeds they do very well in hiking and haunting birds.

If you need an active dog that is smart enough to guard your house, join with your fitness activities and a dog that never refuse to hike, Brittany dog would be the best dog for you. These breeds primary goal is to hunt birds. But still manages to be domesticated and love to be with their family and are protective as well.

Living With Brittany

Brittanys are high-energy dogs who will need daily exercises and are best suited for an active family. A fenced yard or huge lands can be the best for these dogs. If left alone on their own for a longs period, they may become bored and can be prone to barking, roaming including other destructive behavior.

Brittany: I’m Having Fun Mom.

They are loyal and are affectionate with their loved ones. Brittany loves spending time with their families as long as they can. These breeds are always eager to please their owners. They will do anything to make their owner happy from their clownish behavior to their sensitive personality.

Temperament And Personality

Brittany are strong , healthy and are quite. They have even temperament and with non-aggressive nature. These breeds are considered as one of the friendly and active dogs who will never disagree with your commands. Brittany dogs are always eager to please their family. They love it when you teach them new tricks and will thrive in training sessions too. Their charming personality is one of the reason that Brittany are good house dogs.

Best Selfie Ever.

Most importantly, Brittany is known to be a highly energetic and intelligent dog that needs regular exercise. Make sure you have enough yard for your dog to play and run. They are suited to an active family member. Excessive barking and roaming can be seen if not exercised properly. Brittany shouldn’t be left alone for a long time since they love being in the their family pack. This may lead to aggression and destruction.

Are Brittany Child-Friendly?

Brittany breeds are very joyful with kids. They behave very sensitively around children of all ages.Kids especially love them because of their energetic and playful personality. They can play all day long since both your pet and your child are rambunctious while playing.

Britany Dog Saves Its Best Friend. Must Watch!

Be aware that this breed may get overexcited to young children. Their interactions and activities should be supervised before any injury. Overall Brittany acts like a gentleman who will take care of your child.

What Makes Brittany Aggressive?

Brittany are happy and alert dogs. Since they are pointing breeds, they can become independent and single-minded when it comes to birds. These dogs need proper amount of exercise every day to maintain mental stimulation.

The reason for aggression might be the exercise, as already discussed they should be given proper amount of exercise, even better when they get a chance to hunt their feathered prey. The another reason might be anxiety, when they’re left alone they will become bored and might get destructive. However, these dogs can be aggressive to other dogs of same sex.

Behavior Around Strangers

Brittany are fun loving and explorers. They love every people around them but are quite wary of strangers. They won’t attack them but will remain reserved until they’re not introduced properly. Once they feel safe, they will start enjoying their time with the new member.

Lastly, Brittany are beautiful, elegant dogs with perfect temperament and personality. However, the behavior depends on the way how you raise them.

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