Bullmastiff is large size dogs with calm and docile personality. They are solid build with muscular body type and short muzzle. Bullmastiffs were bred to guard estates.

These breeds should be trained from an early age. Bullmastiff is happy to go lucky dogs yet fearless if provoked. It might be hard to train them if you are a first-time dog owner. However, here is all the information regarding the training strategies and methods.

When and Where To Start Training Bullmastiff?

The best age to start the training process is when they reach the age of 8 weeks old. In addition, make them clear what you expect from them. This will help your Bullmastiff to meet the certain goals you make for them.

Bullmastiff Playing With a Ball. Image Source – Instagram.

The best place to train your dog is your own home. Because they would feel more comfortable and secure in their own surrounding. However, when your Bullmastiff reaches the right age, you can always send them to puppy training classes.

How To Define Task To Bulldmastiff?

If you are a first time owner then defining task to Bullmastiffs can be a bit hard. They are very confident dogs, so if you want your Bullmastiff to thrive the commands given by you, you should be confident while teaching them.

Always define the tasks with easy language followed by hand gestures. Furthermore, during the training process, it is important that you keep a reward in stand by.

As soon as they complete the task, reward them immediately with treats or by praising as well. This will keep them motivated to perform more command. Moreover, keep the training session short about 5 – 10 minutes a day.

Training Methods

There are various types of training methods however, these are some easy training methods you can apply for Bullmastiff.

Relationship Based Training

Having a strong relationship with your dog is the most essential part of owning a dog. Building relationship also means understanding your dog’s behavior.

“I am still a lap dog”. Image Source – Instagram.

If your Bullmastiff is not willing to perform any task it is your duty that you understand their behavior. This method not only helps to build a relationship between you and your Bullmastiff, but also helps in training as well.

Rival Training

Rival training uses the technique of keeping other person as an opponent. The motive of keeping an opponent while training is that like humans dogs also have the feeling of insecurities.

Rival Training For Dogs.

In this rival training the trainer will use the owner as a model and reward them for completing the given task. Likewise, the trainer will scold the opponent for not completing the task.

This will help the Bullmastiff to understand, when they complete the task they will get rewarded. However, if they do not complete the task, they will not be rewarded as praised.

Positive Reinforcement

Positive reinforcement motivates a positive behavior while training. Using positive attitude while training helps Bullmastiffs to develop positive attitude towards training.

Rewarded With A Chewing Bone. Image Source – Instagram.

This training method encourages rewarding your pet seconds after they complete the task. This will make Bullmastiffs realize if they complete the given command, they are rewarded and praised.

Training Strategies

Avoid Punishments : Always avoid punishments while training Bullmastiffs. This behavior will only create stubbornness and develop negative behavior in them. Instead, give some time if they are not willing to perform.

Socialization : It is the key term of having a dog. A well socialized dog will always thrive in between intruders if they are not provoked. In addition, socialization also helps overcome fear and bad behaviors.

Wait and Repeat : Your dog isn’t always ready to perform the task. There are times when they do not want to be trained. However, in that situation, instead of forcing them, give them some time to relax. Or, in the case of not understanding the commands, repeat the politely.

All in all, training requires patience. If you are not patient enough while training a Bullmastiff, its not going to work.

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