Cane Corso is a loyal, confident, and agile dog. These dogs were bred as working dogs. This old Italian mastiff was developed to guard property and hunt wild boar.

They are happiest when they are offered a job to do.
These breeds are perfect for a family who has a big yard with a huge fence.

They will need the type of owners who can offer them a job to do otherwise they will find their own ways to pass the boredom. So, if you are a first-time dog owner, and cannot give enough time to your pet, then it is definitely not your type.

Temperament and Personality Traits of Cane Corso

Cane Corso is athletic, powerful, and has a naturally dominating personality. These are the personality which makes the Cane Corse an exceptional protector of the family.

However, his dominating personality might be trouble sometimes to a novice owner. While the Cane Corso is gentle, affectionate, and loving with its family, do not expect the same behavior with intruders.

Cane Corso With it’s Owner. Image Source – Fordogtrainers.

These breeds are naturally territorial and distrustful of strangers. Furthermore, they are very sensitive to even the small signs of disruption, distress, and danger in the household.

Moreover, it is a very bad idea to challenge the Cane Corso in any way. This kind of behavior might anger them.

Trainability of Cane Corse

Training should get started the moment you bring them home. At the age of 8 weeks old, they are capable of understanding simple commands. If possible, send them to puppy kindergarten by the time he is 10 – 12 weeks old.

Cane Corso Bite Training. Image Source – Pinterest.

Training is very essential for Cane Corso. These breeds have minds of their own. Don’t let the Cane Corso get away with behaviors like growling, snapping, or mouthing.

These behaviors can affect them throughout their life. Moreover, such behavior needs to be corrected with the help of training.

Cane Corso might not want to perform the task at times. In those cases, positive reinforcement, motivation, and encouragement.

Are Cane Corso Aggressive?

Cane Corso is known to be powerful, large, and headstrong. They are first a guard dog who takes his responsibilities very seriously. In addition, they are very loyal and loving to their family.

However, it is unsuitable to the type of family who cannot give them enough attention or is planning to keep the Cane Corso chained in the yard. These kinds of treatment will only make the Cane Corso aggressive.

Cane Corso On Leash. Image Source – Primocanecorso.

Socialization is a must to Cane Corso. He should be kept in different situations where they can interact with other people and animals under your supervision. A Cane Corso must be prevented from chasing and killing other small animals. In addition, they have a high prey drive so he needs to be kept in his own property with a high fence.

Are Cane Corso Child-Friendly?

Cane Corso are best suitable with children above 9 years rather than the families with toddlers and babies. These dogs loves playing in the yard. And older children can entertain them by using new tricks and games.

Cane Corso With A Child. Image Source – Sanroccocanecorso.

This does not mean that you should leave both Cane Corso and your child on their own. There can be times when the dog might play rough, in this situation you should teach them that this kind of behavior is not suitable. Likewise, you should also teach your children not to poke or pull their tails.

Care Needed For Cane Corso

  • Brush its coat once a week with a mitt or a bristle brush.
  • Bath him every three months using a mild shampoo.

To conclude, having a Cane Corso as a pet is a huge responsibility. If you cannot give enough attention and time to your dog then Cane Corso is the wrong dog.

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