Canaan dogs were originated in Israel. They are medium-sized dogs with an athletic body. These dogs were bred as herding dogs and protected livestock and settlements.

As being a herding dog, Canaan dogs need proper training and regular exercise. Canaan should be trained properly and regularly to be the best companion in the house.

When and Where to Start The Training?

When to start the training is always a question. However, it depends upon you and your furry pet and what you expect from them. The quality of yours training can make him clear about the certain goals you expect from them and to go forward as well.

Canaan Dog Playing Outdoor. Image Source – Pinterest.

Puppies can be trained when they are 8 weeks old. While training the Canaan dog, always make the session easy and short about 10 – 15 minutes a day. Do not forget to end the training session on a positive note.

If you are confused about where to train your dog, then the answer is at your home. Yes, because your dog will be more familiar with the surrounding, will feel secure, and will thrive during the training.

Nonetheless, if you are a novice owner, then you can either seek help from the professionals or send your Canaan to training classes.

Training Methods

Some of the important training methods for Canaan dogs are :

Relationship Based Training

When you get a dog, you should build a strong bond between you and your furry friend. It will help you during the training session as well. When your Canaan is not willing to perform any task, then it is your responsibility to understand what’s going on with them.

Canaan Dog With Its Owner. Image Source – Instagram.

This training not only helps you with the session but also creates the never to be broken bond with your Canaan. Likewise, when you start interacting with your dog, they get more excited and happy which is obviously a plus point.

Reward Based Training

Reward-based training helps to build a positive attitude in your dog. This kind of training needs consistency. However, you should only reward the behavior which is acceptable.

You cannot reward each and every behavior of your Canaan dog. If they don’t behave correctly, you should not reward them. Furthermore, everybody in the house should only reward the same behavior.

Moreover, reward your dog when they do the command correctly. This will help them to stay motivated and perform the tasks willingly.

Leash Training

Every dog should be trained to walk on leash. It is for the safety for both dog and the people on the road as well. While leash training your Canaan, try short distance for the first few times.

Canaan Dog Walking on Leash. Image Source – Canaan Dogs of Anacan.

Keep the leash loose at the beginning so that they don’t feel uncomfortable. Increase the distance day by day and when they master the training you can take them to dog parks and even tie their leash on your bike.

How To Define Task To Canaan?

The defining task can be difficult if you are a first time owner. Educate yourself about dog training before training your dog. If you are not confident enough about training your dog then Canaan will take no time to take your place and dominate you.

Not only about dominating, but it can also create problems as they will not be able to understand your command if you do not teach them properly. Always, seek help from professionals if the situation arises.

Canaan might get stubborn or not willing to perform any tasks. In that case, you should never punish your dog, instead, motivate and encourage them about the training session.

Use simple commands followed with hand gestures to keep it more simple and easy. Always keep a reward ready and offer them seconds after they complete the task.

Training Strategies and Techniques

These are some of the training strategies you should apply while training a Canaan dog.

Wait and Repeat: If your Canaan doesn’t understand the commands you give, just wait for some time. Give them some space to relax and continue when they seem ready. Forcing them to train doesn’t work.

Avoid Punishments: Punishment is never a solution. When you punish your dog for something, it will make your dog feel demotivated. Using punishments never works with Canaan. Instead, encourage them, spend some more time with them which will help them relax and encouraged.

To conclude, when your Canaan don’t want to perform the task at the given time, then just give them their space, time to relax. Similarly, you can use their favorite toys and treats to grab their attention towards training. Always, have patience while training a dog.

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