Cane Corso is a guard dog. It is essential to give them proper training from an early age to be a compatible companion in the house. In addition, these breeds are known to be hard-headed dogs, so training and socialization is a must.

In this article, you will have all the information about how to train Cane Corso and the techniques used while training.

When and Where To Start The Training?

The answer to where and where to start the training process is, the moment you bring them home. As said, home is the first school, the same applies to dogs too. They should learn their first basic commands from their home.

Before starting any training you should figure out what you expect from your Cane Corso. Therefore, it can make your dog clear about the training session and the goals you expect from them.

Cane Corso puppies can be trained when they reach the age of 8 weeks old. While training them always make the training brief about 10 – 15 minutes. If needed, you can take a break in between to make revive your Cane Corso’s attention.

Always remember to end the training session on a positive note. Give them treats and praises to encourage more towards the training for the coming days. However, if you are confused or aren’t skilled in training dogs, then you can seek help from professionals.

How To Define Task To Cane Corso?

Before owning a guard dog, you should consider whether a guard dog is needed or not in the house. Guard dogs are suitable only for the area which requires them.

A breed like Cane Corso is not suitable for the family with strangers time and often as they are suspicious of intruders.

Defining Task To Cane Corso. Image Source – Mastiff Guide.

While defining a task you should be very patient and gentle to Cane Corso. It is very important that you train them gently and with constant encouragement. Whereas, if you are not confident to train your dog then it will take no time to dominate you.

Cane Corso might get stubborn while performing tasks. In such cases, punishing your dog can be a demotivation. Instead, always motivate and encourage Cane Corso about training.

Use simple commands with hand gestures and do not forget to reward after each performance.

Training Process

Leash Training

Leash training is not only important for Cane Corso but all dog breeds. It is very important that you leash your dog while walking on the road for the safety of both dogs and other humans.

As Cane Corso are guard dogs, they have a very suspicious behavior for strangers. In addition, they can also chase small animals such as squirrels and cats.

Cane Corso Walking On Leash. Image Source – Shutterstock.

Before starting the leash to Cane Corso, introduce them to the leash at a shorter distance. Tie a loose leash around their neck and take a short walk in the yard for few days until they are familiar.

When they tend to master the training then, you can take them for long walks or at the dog park. The main motive of leash training is for the safety of dogs and humans as well.

Dog Bite Training

Dog bite training should always be left in the hand of professionals. Hence, this training is very crucial for Cane Corso. As they are guard dogs, they can be very aggressive when it comes to protecting their family.

Cane Corso Dog Bite Training. Image Source – Pinterest.

Dog bite training helps Cane Corso to know the difference between where and to whom to use the defense. It is a heavy dog with protective nature but it is important to educate them about whom to protect and whom to love.

Socialization Training

They are highly intelligent and perceptive dogs. They tend to evaluate each and every situation they encounter. However, it is our duty to confirm he has the information he needs to evaluate a situation carefully.

If you socialize with your Cane Corso from an early age, then it is very easy for them to make a space between other people. But, if you haven’t then it is very dangerous as they may feel protective and find the situation suspicious.

The Cat and the Cane Corso Living Together Sharing A Great Bond. Image Source – Cane Corso Dog Owner.

For the proper socialization training, you must introduce this Italian Mastiff to different sounds, people, animals and smells from an early age. This way, Cane Corso will meet different people, smell everything, hear common sounds, and be in different kinds of situations and yet find it normal.

Training Techniques And Strategies

  • Do not punish your Cane Corso. They are very stubborn at times which is normal, but punishing them will make them even more stubborn.
  • Use gentle words, praise them time, and often while training. This behavior of yours will encourage them towards the training session.
  • Positive reinforcement is a key while training Cane Corso. Not only treats but even their favorite toy or short walks as a reward can work.

At last, training is all about discipline and behavior. Early training and socialization helps Cane Corso thrive in every situation. A disciplined dog is a blessing in the house.

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