Catahoula Australian Shepherd is a medium-sized dog breed that is the result of mixing Catahoula Leopard and Australian Shepherd. It is a beautiful designer breed with a beautiful mixed color coat, unique eyes and unique traits that is mixed from both of its parents. It has a muscular and strong build.

Catahoula Australian Shepherd makes an excellent family companion due to their mixed temperament that they get from their parents. They are not suitable in an apartment due to their high activity level and need an open place where they can perform their regular activities.

Temperament of the Catahoula Australian Shepherd

The temperament of the Catahoula Australian Shepherd is sweet, loving, gentle, and brave. They are very gentle and playful with the family that loves the company of their people.

They form a close and strong bond with the family members and especially one particular person that they see as their leader. Since both of its parents are known to be very active and hardworking, the Catahoula Australian Shepherd is also active and lively.

Catahoula Australian Shepherd is a very active and hardworking dog that needs regular physical exercise. They thrive on the company of its family and physical activities they provide.

If they are left alone without human interaction, they can face separation anxiety. Likewise, if they do not get enough physical exercise, they tend to become destructive.

happy Catahoula Australian Shepherd
Happy rescued Catahoula Australian Shepherd.
Image Source: Australian Shepherd Rescue Midwest

Personality of the Catahoula Australian Shepherd

The personality of the Australian Shepherd is friendly, sweet, and alert. They are very gentle with its people and are affectionate towards them. They are alert of the activities going around them and if they sense anything suspicious, they tend to bark to warn their owner.

So, they make an excellent watchdog that will sound an alarm whenever there is anything unusual goes on.

Training Australian Shepherd is not a difficult job to do as they are smart and eager to please their owner. Although a firm and consistent training are required while training them.

Reward them with delicious treats as they complete a certain task to motivate them. Never be harsh or forceful on them as it might only lead to their aggression. So, be gentle and pat them gently on the back as they complete a task.

Is Catahoula Australian Shepherd Child-Friendly?

Catahoula Australian Shepherd gets along with children very well and is gentle and playful with them. They make a great play partner for kids due to their playful nature.

Although their interaction should always be supervised, so there is no harsh behavior from either party. Teach your kids to behave around dogs as they might play rough sometimes by pinching and pulling their skin.

A mother taking selfie with her daughter and Catahoula Australian Shepherd
A mother taking a selfie with her daughter and Catahoula Australian Shepherd.
Image Source: Instagram-@sassy_babe09

What Makes Catahoula Australian Shepherd Aggressive?

Catahoula Shepherd is not an aggressive dog breed in general. They are very gentle and loving towards their family and wary of strangers. They are only likely to get aggressive when someone provokes them or treat them harshly. Other than that they are a gentle dog breed that is loving of its people.

How Does Catahoula Australian Shepherd Behave Around Strangers?

Catahoula Australian Shepherd is wary of strangers and does not trust them easily. If they see some unfamiliar person approaching them, they will bark and warn their owner. Only after a proper introduction, they are warm to guest and visitors at home.

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