Catahoula Leopard’s temperament is calm, gentle and affectionate. They are highly intelligent dogs with high energy.

They are amazing and unique. However, if you want to own one, then you must know about their temperament and personality.

Catahoula Temperament and Personality

The Catahoula Leopard dog was originally bred to hunt and herd wild pigs in the past. It is obvious that they need regular training and walks where they can drain their energy.

Catahoula Leopard Dog Tired of Hiking. Image Source – Instagram.

It is important that you keep this breed busy when you are not around them to avoid destructive behavior. These breeds are not the kind of breed that will lounge on the couch all day long.

These dogs need to be socialized from an early age. As they were bred as hunting dogs, they acquire high prey drive. At the same time, Catahoula should also be introduced to different sounds and people as well.


Due to Catahoula Leopard’s independent features, they are not the easiest breed to train. This breed strictly needs an owner who is confident and has leadership skills.

In addition, Catahoula Leopard dogs are not the kind of dogs who would do anything to please their owners.

Catahoula Leopard Dog Playing Stick. Image Source – Dogs – Love To Know.

As said earlier, Catahoula Leopard is an intelligent breed. Once you start training them with proper guidance and leadership, they will take no time to learns those tricks.

While training, always use positive reinforcement methods for better results. These breeds are sensitive to punish which will affect the dog’s self-esteem and can cause depression.

Are Catahoula Leopard Dog Child-Friendly?

Catahoula Leopard dogs are gentle and affectionate, which makes them a better choice for the house with children. Furthermore, they may look large, but they are patient and affectionate while around kids.

Catahoula Leopard Dog Are Child-Friendly. Image Source – 3 Shoes Ranch, Using Horses & Working Dogs.

However, if you want your dog to behave well around your children, then you should also teach your children how to behave with a dog. Since Catahoula Leopard dogs are hunting dogs, they may sometimes be too rambunctious and overbearing with children.

Are Catahoula Leopard Dog Aggressive?

Catahoula Leopard is independent dogs and have a mind of their own. These dogs are not really aggressive if socialized from an early age.

These breed may be stubborn at times. Such kind of behavior should be corrected at the same moment to avoid it later.

Care Needed For Catahoula Leopard Dog

  • Weekly brushing is a must to keep their coat shiny and healthy.
  • Catahoula Leopard needs a lot of physical activity.
  • Trim their nails twice a month.
  • Brush their teeth three times a week to maintain oral health.

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