The Cavachon dog is a beautiful blend of the Bichon Frise and the Cavalier King Charles Spaniel. The result is the happy-go-lucky, friendly and fluffy little dog. They are an excellent choice for a family who are looking for a small play companion or a lap dog.

Cavachon is suited in an apartment with minimal exercise. They are a cute and adorable little dog that has a mixed personality and temperament that is obtained from its parent breeds.

Temperament of the Cavachon

The temperament of the Cavachon is friendly, playful, and happy. They love to play with its people and cuddle with them on the couch or on the bed. It got the affectionate, lively temperament of Cavalier King Charles Spaniel and sweet, merry temperament of Bichon Frise. They are good with other pets and people too who tend to make friends easily.

Cavachon thrives on its people love and attention. If they are not given proper attention and care, they become anxious, depressed, and destructive.

So, provide them with lots of love and care. They form a strong bond with their family and are very loyal to them. They also get along with other pets in the house but can become a bit jealous sometimes if they take all of their attention from its people.

Cavachon cuddling with its master
Cavachon cuddling with its master.
Image Source: Instagram-@manpreetsahney

Personality of the Cavachon

The personality of the Cavachon is very friendly, loving, gentle, and affectionate. They are friendly with other pets as well especially if they are raised together from an early age. They are not great guard dogs or even watchdogs due to their friendly nature towards strangers.

If you are looking for a cuddling buddy, Cavachon is best for you but not if you are looking for a watchdog then it is not at all suited for you.

Cavachon is smart and quick learner which makes it easy to train them. But they need a consistent and firm leadership otherwise, it will be hard to train them. Use positive methods of training by rewarding them with delicious treats and vocal praises as the source of motivation.

Is Cavachon Child-Friendly?

Yes, Cavachon is a very friendly dog towards children. They love playing with kids and is very affectionate towards them. They are gentle and loving but due to their small size, they can get hurt easily by small kids. So, their interaction and playtime should always be supervised by an elder. Teach your children to behave and handle dogs properly.

Cavachon sleeping with baby
Cavachon sleeping with baby.
Image Source: misteroliverwolf

What Makes Cavachon Aggressive?

Cavachon is not at all an aggressive dog but instead, they are of very friendly and loving nature. They are an adorable, sweet, and loving dog but never aggressive. Although harsh treatment and harsh environment can make them aggressive. So, treat them gently and with lots of love.

How Does Cavachon Behave Around Strangers

Cavachon is friendly with strangers and greets them warmly in the house. Their friendly nature towards stranger does not make them a great watchdog or a guard dog.

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