With cute round black eyes to fluffy coat, they seem like your kid’s play toy. This cute little breed has a lot to give you from love to his great mischief. The Bichon Frise is not part of the toy breed. However, they are classified as a Non-Sporting breed by the American Kennel Club.

If you want a dog who is small but sturdy, a good watchdogs, small and fluffy then Bichon is definitely the right breed for you. But if you are the first time owners and you don’t want to deal with your dog’s behavior such as housebreaking, frequent clipping of coat, excessive barking then a Bichon may not be the right breed for you.

But as you’ve already decided to add a Bichon Frise to your family, then here are some inside information regarding your pet which you have to consider.

What Kind of Personality Do Bichon Have?

A Bichon Frise has an outstanding cheerful personality. It loves to be loved and being the center of attention. Frise has an independent streak, but that doesn’t mean he loves being alone. In fact, your pet will hate when left alone for a prolonged time which may lead it to suffer from separation anxiety. They will become destructive, chewers and tearing up everything in their sight.

Bichon Frise Playing For His Treat.

They are highly intelligent and quick learners. Taking them to obedience training, puppy classes can be very satisfying. They are very gentle, friendly with people of all ages as well as other pets.

What is Bichon’s Temperament Like?

Bichons are often known for being a sensitive dogs. They won’t appreciate when treated harshly and will simply ignore your calls. Frise are barkers, they have high pitched bark which is often described as Shrill. Their barking cannot be trained out of them, however, ‘Stop Barking’ command is important and should be taught early. They display their aggressive temperament by barking, growling or biting their objects.

Like every dogs, Bichons need early socialization. They need to be expose to different people and pets when they are young. However, the dog’s temperament depends on its owner’s behaviour towards them.

Bichon Friese In The Field.
Bichon Frise ready to play. Image Source: detroit.cbslocal

A dog’s behavior depends on how they are treated and trained. The Bichons are little dogs who needs attention and are not for people who travel a lot. Make sure to give your furry pet proper time and attention.

Are Bichon Frise Child Friendly?

A thousand times Yes! Bichon love palling around with children, participating in their games and sitting on their lap. They tolerate the noise made by kids while playing and make a great company with kids.

Bichon Frise Are The Best Play-Mate For Kids.

As with every breed, children should be taught how and when to approach a dog. Teach your child never to pinch or pull the tail of a dog. It might get irritated it done continuously. Warn your kid never try to take away the dog’s food. No matter how friendly your pet is, you should never leave your toddler alone with your pet. Not intentionally but it might hurt your child accidentally.

Are Bichon Frise Good Family Dogs?

Living with Bichon Frise can be a plus point for city dwellers, as they are not barking dogs. But don’t rely on them to guard your house either. Being a tiny dog, they don’t need much rooms to romp and is purely an apartment dog. Bichons are adaptable companions who easily gets well with other pets and children.

Frise are alert and curious and a great watchdogs. There are no strangers for them as they are very friendly with everyone and has a high chances of getting hugs and smiles where ever they go. They are very attention seeker type dogs, who will follow you, cuddle with you and sleep beside you which makes them a good family dog for singles or family as well.

Cute Bichon Frise

Because of the fact being small and cute, you might overprotect them which is a mistake and can lead your dog becoming spoiled, shy and fearful. You need to teach your dog to be confident around people, other animals and situations.

General Behavior Towards People

Bichons are very friendly dogs which makes the right breed for first time owners. They love playing with children of all ages as all they want is attention and love. They love being with new people and places. They are playful and social dogs, will happily welcome guests that are openly accepted by the owner.

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