Chihuahua Shepherd is a designer dog breed that is crossed between German Shepherd and Chihuahua. While German Shepherd is a large breed in one hand, Chihuahua is the smallest breed on the other hand. It might seem impossible to create but surprisingly it is possible with German Shepherd being female and Chihuahua being male.

Chihuahua Shepherd makes an excellent family companion as it gets the unique, mixed traits from both of its parents. It got an interesting personality that is best suited for an active, loving, and experienced family. They are suited in an apartment as well but need a required physical exercise regularly.

Temperament of the Chihuahua Shepherd

The temperament of the Chihuahua Shepherd is hardworking, bold, independent, and loving. It inherits most of the traits from German Shepherd which is strong, energetic, and loyal.

The temperament that it adopts from the Chihuahua is courageous, lively, and sometimes aggressive. Chihuahua Shepherd is loving and very protective of its people which makes them an excellent guard dog.

Chihuahua Shepherd thrives on the company of its people and are playful with them. They are hard-working and also love to cuddle with their family. They need good amount of physical exercise, so accompany them on hiking, jogging or just a stroll. If they are not given any exercise to do, you can see their destructive and anxious behavior.

Chihuahua Shepherd on the leash
Chihuahua Shepherd on the leash.
Image Source: PetDT

Personality of the Chihuahua Shepherd

The personality of the Chihuahua Shepherd is loving with family and suspicious of strangers. They tend to bark if they sense any unusual activities going on in the surround.

They tend to form a very close and close bond with its people but especially with one particular person of the family that they see as a leader. German Shepherd is a very intelligent and active dog having athletic quality as well.

Chihuahua Shepherd is a smart and intelligent dog breed that are very likely to learn new command and tricks quickly. With a consistent trainer, they can be trained without much difficulties. Start training from an early age when they are eager to please their owner. Use positive method of training as they tend to respond well to treats and vocal praises.

Is Chihuahua Shepherd Child-Friendly?

Yes, Chihuahua Shepherd is a friendly dog with family children. They adore them and are playful with them which makes them great playmates. Although with unfamiliar children, they need to be kept on the leash, so they do not show any aggressive behavior towards them. Supervise their interaction so there are no accidents from your children as well as from your dog.

A boy cuddling with a Chihuahua Shepherd and German Shepherd
A boy cuddling with a Chihuahua Shepherd and German Shepherd.
Image Source: Instagram-@ mr.franciscojavier

What Makes Chihuahua Shepherd Aggressive?

Chihuahua Sheperd can get its aggressive traits from its parent Chihuahua. However, with the right training, love, and good environment, they can grow up to be loving and gentle dog breed. The type of environment they grow up also determines their behavior.

How Does Chihuahua Shepherd Behave Around Strangers?

Chihuahua Shepherd is wary of strangers and does not trust them easily. They are likely to bark at strangers but will not bite or attack them if raised properly. Sociliaed them with a variety of people from an early age.

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