The Chinese Crested is a very lovable, affectionate companion for a loving owner. It is believed to be of the American Hairless Terrier family, so you can get your Chinese Crested either hairless or with some hair in some part of the body. It is a small-sized, elegant, and happy-looking dog that will make you forget all the stress from work after getting home back to it.

The Chinese Crested is a very agile breed when it comes to playing as well as it can be a couch potato if you want it to sit by your sofa. It can be your watchdog as well that alerts you when there is someone in the surrounding without being aggressive towards them.

Temperament of the Chinese Crested

The Chinese Crested is a happy, alert, sweet-tempered dog breed that is very much suited for first-time owners. This breed loves playing with toys, running in the house and backyard never getting tired of playing.

Its alertness kicks in whenever he sees some animals and strangers in the surrounding. It will bark continuously to make you aware of someone’s presence which can be pretty annoying at the same time helpful.

Chinese Crested doing agility training
Chinese Crested doing agility training.
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Since this breed gets very close to the family members, if you leave him for a long period of time, separation anxiety might be seen. They do not do very well in isolation and need a company always by their side. Therefore, do not leave your Chinese Crested alone for a long period of time.

Personality of Chinese Crested

The Chinese Crested has a very affectionate, fun, and caring personality. It develops a very strong bond towards the family member and is affectionate towards them. There will be a lot of physical contacts and constant licking of your hand and face if you own this breed. It is entertaining and will please you with its playfulness and various physical expression.

Start training when your Chinese Crested is still a puppy. They are very much interested in pleasing their owner when puppy, they end up learning quickly. Start from basic training and slowly move to advance tricks and command. This breed does not need too much activity to keep itself healthy and content. Few activities a day is enough for them to be happy.

Is Chinese Crested Child-Friendly?

Yes, Chinese Crested is very friendly with kids. They adore them as long as the children are sweet and gentle. It is best suited in a house with old kids since it is a small-sized breed and with small kids, there might be accidents. Always supervise its interaction with kids and other pets to avoid mishaps.

a boy feeding Chinese Crested
A boy feeding Chinese Crested.
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Is Chinese Crested Aggressive?

No, Chinese Cresteds are not known to be aggressive. They are a very sweet, gentle, and affectionate breed that does not get angry easily. However, unnecessary provoking and raising in a rough surrounding can make your dog aggressive and scared.

How Does Chinese Crested Behave Around Strangers?

Chinese Crested is alert around strangers that alert the owner of someone’s presence in the environment. this nature of them makes them a good watchdog. However, they are not aggressive towards strangers. If introduced properly, they are welcoming of them.

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