General Information

Dog NameChinese Crested
Other NamesPuff
Scientific NameCanis lupus familiaris
Breed TypeLap Dog
Breed ForCompanion
Country of OriginChina

Physical And Size

Min Life Span12
Max Life Span14
Min Ideal Weight for male3
Max Ideal Weight for male4
Min Ideal Weight for female3
Max Ideal Weight for male4


Intelligent Rank
Affection Level
Social Needs
Watchdog Ability


TemperamentLively, Loving, Alert
Prey DriveYes
Fighting DogNo


Stranger FriendlyHigh
Child FriendlyHigh
Cat FriendlyHigh
Dog FriendlyMedium
Office FriendlyMedium
Apartment FriendlyHigh
Senior Citizens FriendlyHigh
Service DogHigh
Search and Rescue DogHigh
Biting PotentialLow
Country of OriginChina
Nicknames and Other NamesPuff, Crested
Scientific NameCanis lupus familiaris
Breed TypePurebred (lap dog)
GroupToy Group
Bred ForCompanion Dog
Life Span12-14 years
Ideal Weight7-9 pounds
Ideal Height10-13 inches
Fur Typehair in a certain place like
head, tails, ankle
Common ColorsApricot, Blue, Chocolate, Cream,
Black White and Tan,
Palomino, Pink and Slate,
Pink and Chocolate
MarkingsSpotted, White markings
AvailabilityCommonly available
AchievementsOne dog has won the title,
‘World’s Ugliest Dog!’
Suitable for ApartmentsYes
Used in World WarNo
Most Similar ToAmerican Hairless Terrier

The Chinese Crested is a lively and alert toy breed that can be hairless or coated. These breeds are easily recognized as “the naked dogs” and soft skin and tufts of hair on the head, tail, and at the ankles.

Their size and extreme desire to please people and low activity requirements make them a perfect choice for the first time owners. It is not suitable for a family who cannot give enough time to their dogs.

Origin and History

Chinese Crested dogs are not from China, they came from African or Mexican hairless dogs which were reduced in size by the Chinese. The Chinese Crested dogs are believed to have accompanied Chinese sailors on the high seas as 1530. By the middle of the 19th century, and the breed began to appear in numerous European paintings and prints.

Earlier names of Chinese Crested includes Chinese hairless, the Chinese edible dog, the Chinese ship dog and the Chinese royal hairless. The Chinese apparently found out that this breeds has magical healing powers, and started to use them as a living heating pad. These dogs were known to kept by the Chinese Emperors as well as the sailors.

The American Chinese Crested club was formed in the year 1979. Later, the American Kennel Club registered the Chinese Crested breed in 1991.

Are They Child Friendly?

Yes, Chinese Crested dogs are extremely good with children. They love and adore sweet children who can carry them along wherever they go. They love playing toy, running, inventing new games of their own type and zipping over the furniture.

Chinese Crested Guarding His Little Friend.
Image Source- Pinterest.

Chinese Crested are also very jealous dogs, and won’t appreciate the time and attention given to small kids. However, they are not patient with kids who tease or want to play roughly with them. They want them to treat gently and lovingly and prefer calm children than rough players or who are rambunctious.

Behavioral And Personality Traits Of Chinese Crested Dog

The Chinese Crested dogs are expressive dogs who can smile and even give you a warm hug. They are always happy and energetic, loyal and are not aggressive when socialized properly. They will physically attach themselves to their favorite person, and use their paws to hug that person around the neck.

I’m Beginning To Feel Like A Lap God 😀

Despite of their size, these tiny little dogs are alert and wary of strangers. Barking can be a major problem if you have the Chinese Crested in your house. They will not let anyone inside their house if not socialized and introduced properly. These dogs always want to be the center of attraction which clearly says that they should not be left alone. If left alone for a longer period, these breeds tend to develop separation anxiety which may lead to aggression and depression.


The Chinese Crested dogs have a willful streak. Training requires a lot of reinforcement and treats which will help to train a dog with a strong mind of their own. However, these dogs are always eager to please their owners so only to make their owner satisfied, they will follow each and every command given to them.

temperament of Chinese Crested dog
Chinese Crested dog training. Image Source: kids.kiddle

This tiny Chinese Crested breeds are very intelligent and smart dogs. They love learning new tricks and will thrive outdoor when they get a chance to run or play new games. Patience is most important while training these tiny dogs. They are sensitive and won’t reply to your harsh commands.


Some of the facts related with Chinese Crested dogs are:

  • They are not only beautiful but they can be ugly too! The Chinese Crested dog has won the World’s Ugliest Dog Contest. The dog who won the contest back to back for three years was a blind Chinese Crested dog named, “Sam”.
  • Chinese Crested dogs are allergic to fabrics like wool and lanolin. Choose the best fabric which does not cause irritation to your pooches or they might get rashes.
  • Like humans, these hairless dogs are prone to have acne, sunburns, and rashes.
  • They have a unique elongated foot compared to other breeds. Some call the longer paw “hare-like”.

Health Issues

General HealthHealthy
Common Health IssuesEpilepsy, Glaucoma, Loose Teeth,
Sun Burn, Deafness, Lens Luxation,
Dental Problem
Vaccination RequiredCanine Parvovirus, Leptospirosis, Rabies,
Canine Distemper, Canine Parainfluenza,
Kennel Cough, Canine Coronavirus
SheddingNone to minimal
Weight Gain PotentialLow to Average
Separation AnxietyHigh Chance
AllergiesSkin Allergy
Diets and SupplementsProtein: 23%
Fat: 8%
Omega-3 Fatty Acid
  • Dental issues: Gum diseases, cavities, dry mouth and bacteria on the mouth are some of the dental problems that cause bad breath on these breeds.
  • Progressive retinal atrophy: It is the bilateral degeneration of the retina. They will suffer from night blindness and as the disease grows, they might lose their sight too.
  • Legg-calve-Perthes diseases: It is the childhood hip disorder initiated by the disruption of blood flow to the head of the femur.
  • Keratoconjunctivitis sicca: It is the dryness of conjunctiva and cornea.

Color Patterns

Some of the colors that Chinese Crested dogs have are as follows:

  • Black
  • Apricot
  • Chocolate
  • Cream
  • Tri-color
  • Blue


Chinese Crested dog can give birth to 2 to 6 puppies.

Video of Chinese Crested puppies.


The cost of the Chinese Crested puppies are $800 – $1,000 depending upon the quality of the puppy as well as the breeders.


Height: The Chinese Crested dogs are toy breed standing up to 10 to 13 inches tall.

Weight: The average weight of these dogs are 7-9 pounds. Make sure you don’t overfeed them and give them regular amount of exercise to avoid obesity.

Which Dog Breed Are They Similar To?

Some of the breeds similar to Chinese Crested breeds are:

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