The Chinese Crested falls under the category of the small-sized dog breed. It can give birth to 4-6 puppies at a time. The puppy’s developments are quick to compare to large-sized dog breeds. While large size dogs get into their full maturity in 18-20 months, the Chinese Crested being small dog reach maturity in 12-14 months.

In this article, you will learn about the different development stages of the Chinese Crested puppies from birth to adolescence. You will also learn about their behavior and their vaccination time.


When the Chinese Crested is born, it is very completely deaf, blind, and is toothless. The puppies also cannot generate heat on their own. So, they rely on the heat of their mother’s body to keep them warm and cozy. If they are separated from the mother, the puppy might die of hypothermia.

Even though the puppy’s most senses are not developed yet, they still have a good sense of smell. They use it to get to their mother, other littermates and also find milk to feed. During the first two weeks of birth, the puppy needs a lot of sleeping for the development of its mind and body.

Neonatal Stage (0-2 Weeks)

Since the first two weeks are the Chinese Crested puppy’s vulnerable stage, they need good care from their mother. The mother with her instinct; fulfills all the care needed for her puppies. She licks the belly of the pups to stimulate them to defecate and clean them constantly by licking the dirt off their body.

At around 2 weeks old, the Chinese Crested puppies start opening their eyes and ears around 3 weeks. Their teeth still are not out yet and they should not be fed any solid food. All they need for few weeks is their mother’s milk which contains colostrum that keeps them safe from all the fatal diseases.

The Chinese Crested Puppies.

Transitional Stage (2-4 Weeks)

As the Chinese Crested puppies transit from the neonate stage to the transitional stage, a lot of changes are seen. By the end of the second week, the puppy is able to see and hear things around them. They are able to walk around with their wabbly move. They start wagging the tail, making different sounds, and running around more.

By the 4th week, you will see the Chinese Crested puppies as active and lively as ever. The personality of a puppy begins to develop. The teeth start coming out and they begin sampling food from the bowl of the mother. Their exposure to people should be limited to family members until 5 weeks old. At this stage, the mother teaches her pups the basics of socialization and their boundaries.

Socialization Stage (4-12 weeks)

AT the first week of socialization, let the Chinese Crested puppies interact with the littermates before exposing them to the outside world They start playing with each other by pawing, biting each other but not in a hurtful way. Signs of distress can be seen on them if they are separated from the littermates or if they went too far from the siblings while wandering around.

When the puppies are about 5 weeks old, expose them to the outside world. Socialization with different people and dogs is necessary so they do not become fearful and aggressive towards the outside world. By 6-7 weeks, their brains are developed enough to soak up basic commands and tricks. It is the right time to give your Chinese Crested puppies some basic training.

Chinese Crested puppy on the field
Chinese Crested puppy on the field.
Image Source: Daily Paws

Juvenile Stage (3-6 months)

The juvenile stage is the beginning period of the Chinese Crested puppy’s puberty. It starts to loose the puppy face and looks a miniature version of the adult. The baby teeth will fall out gradually and a new set of teeth starts to grow. There will be lot of mouthing and chewing stuff, so buy them toys and bones which they can chew on.

Continue the training with some advance tricks and commands. Their attention span is short as they get distracted easily, so challenge them mentally to stimulate their mind and keep the session short and fun.

Adolescent Stage (6-12 months)

When the Chinese Crested puppy reach puberty which occurs between 6 month to one year, adolescence begins. They start loosing the puppy face slowly looking more like an adult dog. The female experience her first heat between 6-8 months old. While the male starts showing interest on female dogs at this age. However, mating and breeding is not recommended during this period of time because they are not fully matured and might harm the health of your dog.

Continue their socialization and their training with positive method of training. Provide them with diet that has complete nutritional needs that your Chinese Crested requires. Always go for a high quality dog food for their healthy body and mind.

A fully grown Chinese Crested
A fully grown Chinese Crested.
Image Source: The Happy Puppy Sites

Vaccination Chart for Chinese Crested

6 to 8 WeeksDistemper, parvovirus
10 to 12 WeeksDHPP (vaccines for distemper, adenovirus, parinfluenza, and parvovirus)
16 to 18 WeeksDHPP, rabies
Every 1 to 2 YearsDHPP
Every 1 to 3 YearsRabies (as required by law)
Vaccination Chart For Chinese Crested.

Vaccination cost for Chinese Crested

The Vaccination cost is between $75-$100 for DHPP and for rabies, it is between $15-$20.

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