The exotic looking Chinese Crested was originated in China in two variety. One is Hairless with some hair on head, legs, and chest. The other version is Powderpuff with full, silky long coat. Despite the coat, both are slender, strong boned, and have elegant appearance.

The Chinese Crested suited with both novice and experienced dog owner as long a the master is gentle, loving, and playful. It is a small companion breed that does not need big space for training and other activity. Its high intelligence level makes this breed easy to train.

When to Start Training Chinese Crested?

Like any other dog breed, training of Chinese Crested should be started from a very early age. When small, they are very eager to please their owner leading them to obey and soak up any command and tricks taught to them. The right time for their training is when they get 6 weeks old. Start from basic obedience training where you teach them potty training, basic commands like sit, come, roll over etc.

For advanced training, it is best to start when the puppy is 6 months old. By this time, the Chinese Crested would have mastered the basics and is ready for advanced training. Since they do not need a lot of training like advanced agility, it is best to teach them home-based new tricks. For example, you can teach your dog to bring something for you or teach them loose leash walking.

Chinese Crested agility training
Chinese Crested agility training.
Image Source: Instagram-@colleen_venter

Where to Train Chinese Crested?

Training can be done anywhere but with less crowded and less distraction. You can either train them in the house or in the park. While training them at home, keep all of the Chinese Crested toys away from them so they are focused on the words you say. Keep the session short and fun so they are not bored easily, otherwise, they will ignore you and find something entertaining to do by themselves.

If you are training your dog in the park, always keep them on the leash so they do not runoff. Take them to a place with fewer people and other dogs so they are not distracted by them.

How to Define Task for Chinese Crested?

Defining the task for you Chinese Crested is making him understand what you want him to do. Use hand and body gestures to make your dog understand what you want him to do. For example, when commanding your dog to sit, wave your hand down saying the word ‘sit’.

Reward them with treats within 2 second of their action. It will make them understand more clearly what you mean when saying the word sit and waving your hand down. Do the same with other commands so they learn quickly.

Training Process

Training Chinese Crested is not a difficult task as long as you are consistent and gentle. They are smart and quick at catching up on commands which makes it easy to train.

Leadership: A consistent leader is what a dog needs for training. Without consistency, your Chinese Crested will get confused and might ignore you. Be a gentle master that does not scold or raise a hand on its pooch. It will only make their behavior worse like being fearful of people and also aggressive around anything.

Reward: Whenever your dog completes a certain task, make a habit of rewarding it with treats or vocal praises with a gentle pat on the back. This will keep your dog motivated to do the given task.

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