The Chinook was bred as a sled dog and was known as hardworking, athletic, and hardy. Today they are kept as a companion dog that will accompany you in hiking and other outdoor activities. If you are an active hiker or backpacker then the Chinook is a perfect dog for you.

This breed is an active, smart dog that needs an experienced master that understands their activity requirement and gives consistent training. A novice dog owner should be aware of the Chinook dog requirement before owning them. They are suited in a house with a big yard to play and they do not do well in an apartment.

Temperament of Chinook Dog

The temperament of Chinook is intelligent, loyal, active, and devoted. Whatever work or activity you assign to him, he will gladly and actively do it. It is a loyal and devoted dog to its family that will remain by its people. Since it is a sled dog that enjoys intense activity, it is recommended to take them for hiking, running, and bicycling. It loves doing every physical activity with its master or other family members.

Chinook does best in a family with few or more people. It loves having someone around all the time. If they are kept alone for a long period of time without anyone’s company, they will become anxious and destructive. This dog loves its human company and will be by your side even if you get its leash off. It will not go anywhere without its master.

Chinook Dogs pulling sled
Chinook Dogs pulling sled.
Image Source: The American Kennel Club

Personality of Chinook Dog

The personality of the Chinook is hardy but gentle, loving, and friendly. Although this dog is a very hardworking and athletic dog on the outside, it has a very soft and gentle personality inside. It is not aggressive towards anyone and will greet guests in the house by licking them or climbing on them.

However, your dog’s behavior of jumping on people, even if it’s in a friendly way should be trained off him. It might scare the persona and might cause accidents.

The smart and intelligent Chinook is very easy to train as long as you are a firm and consistent leader. Start their training as soon as you bring your puppy home which is when they are 6-8 weeks old. Positive reinforcement is the best method of training, so apply this while training your Chinook.

Is Chinook Dog Child-Friendly?

Yes, Chinook is a very friendly and playful dog around kids. They are one of the best companions for kids of all ages. He even has the potential to become a therapy dog in children’s hospitals due to his calm, gentle, and loving nature. So, it can be said that the Chinook does best with kids although supervision is necessary with toddlers to avoid accidents.

Chinook Dog carrying a baby on its back
Chinook Dog carrying a baby on its back.
Image Source:

What Makes Chinook Dog Aggressive?

The Chinook is not known to be aggressive at all. In fact, they are a very calm and gentle breed that even does not need proper socialization to be a calm dog around strangers.

However, socialization is necessary for every dog even if they are the most gentle breed in the world. Some dogs might be fearful due to the harsh environment they are raised in. So, a proper socialization will minimize their fearfulness a lot.

How Does Chinook Dog Behave Around strangers?

Chinook will bark to let the owner know of someone’s presence but are not aggressive towards them. They will greet the guest and visitors with a happy face when his master introduces them to the guests. This dog does not go beyond warning the strangers by barking at them. It makes a great watchdog but not a guard dog.

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