Chinook is a medium-sized dog breed that is best suited to an experienced dog owner that can keep up with its activity level. It will make an excellent companion in a loving and active family due to its gentle, loving, and loyal temperament.

When you bring your Chinook home, training is important so it is obedient, gets enough exercise, and is mentally stimulated. Here in this article, you will learn about training strategies and processes.

When to Start Training Chinook Dog?

Start training your Chinook dog as soon as you bring a puppy home. At the age of 6-8 weeks, the puppies are very eager to please their owner. They also soak up every commands and trick you teach them which makes training easy. Start from basic obedience training when they are 8 weeks old and potty train them as they get 12 weeks old.

Continue the Chinook training even when they hit adulthood to strengthen their skills. Start advanced training like challenging tricks and agility. It is a very active working breed that needs a lot of physical activities. Agility training will stimulate the mind of your dog which will keep him happy.

Where to Start Training Chinook Dog?

At the beginning of the basic, you give your dog basics training at home where you can teach him to sit, come, stay, etc. Puppy is distracted a lot so keep their toys away from them when training. Keep the training session no more than 10 minutes a day. They will get bored easily and will find a way to entertain themselves.

Chinook is a very attentive dog and a quick learner. Unlike other sled dogs, it can be trusted off-leash because it will not run off leaving your side even if you take him to a big park. So, it is not risky to keep them off the leash and train them in the park or in a crowded place. It is a gentle breed, so aggression is not an issue when in a crowded place if you have raised it right.

Chinook Dog playing with a baby girl
Chinook Dog playing with a baby girl.
Image Source: Intervale Chinooks

How To Define Task?

While training your dog it is important to define tasks for them to understand what you want them to do. You can teach your Chinook to do different tasks through hand gestures. For example, if you want your Chinook to sit, say the word ‘sit’ waving or pointing hands down along with the word. This way it will become more convenient for hima\ and it will learn fast

Training Process

The Chinook Dog is very smart and is quick at catching any challenging tricks and commands. Therefore training them is not tough as long as you are a firm and consistent leader.

Leadership: Leadership is a very important part of the training. If you establish yourself as a leader or master of your Chinook, it will obey and follow your command. To establish leadership, you need to give them meals or treats when they are calm. Likewise, while taking them on a walk, do not let them go in front of you and if they do, stop until they get back.

Positive Reinforcement: Chinook dog tends to respond well to positive method of training. So while training them reward them with treats, praises, and a gentle pat on the back as soon as the task is completed. Never use harsh words and raise a hand on them. It will make them fearful or ever aggressive.

Agility: The Chinook is a very active dog breed that thrives on a good amount of regular activities. Therefore, their agility training should be started as soon as they complete the basic training. Agility also challenges them physically and mentally.

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