We probably know that keeping dog’s nails trimmed is important to our pet’s overall health. Long nails are not good for the dogs, the long nails can cause wounds to the people around, can snag the surfaces and makes dirty environment.

Most dog owners hate the dreaded task because they are nervous about cutting the quick or hurting their dog’s sensitive paws. Knowing how to clip dog’s nails the right way can turn the process into an easy ,stress free activity for us and our dog.

Get advice:

Before we start out, it’s good idea to get advice from a professional. As groomers,veterinary technicians and veterinarians are the most experienced in providing nails trims, you may want to rely upon their skills to permit the safest and the most effective process. Follow the suggestion given by the seniors or veterinary technicians and veterinarians so that it will be easy when required if required.

Gather supplies:

Dog nails clipper is essential for trimming the dog’s nails, so it is important to keep nails clipper at home. Clippers help to get the job done. Just choose which feels more comfortable to you. You’ll also need some styptic powder or cornstarch on hand in case you accidently do cut the quick.

Prepare your pooch:

The dog should be kept at relaxed state. If you have never clipped your dog’s nails, take it slow and easy the first time and clip one or two nails at once. As your dogs gets used to the process, you can clip more nails in one sitting.

Hold your dog in place:

It’s important to hold the dog in place to avoid the probable injuries. The dog should lay down and slowly keep your hand onto the dog’s body while you clip his nails. If the dog feels uncomfortable or barks a loud then immediately make the dog comfortable in his position.

 Cut-off just the nail tip:

Using your clippers, cut off the tip of each nail at slight angle, just before the point where it begins to curl.  Don’t worry about not cutting enough of the nail, people feels good when the cut is small than large..

Reward your pet:

Rewarding the pet is important to praise the dogs so that they behave properly to people. People should think that nails trimming is good and is essential for dogs. An extra special treat and plenty of praise go a long way.It’s important to keep up with the task regularly.

Finally, dogs who spend a fair amount of time outdoors on gravel or paved surfaces often require less nail maintenance as the natural elements help to keep theirs nails at a healthy length. However, dogs that are primarily indoors and elderly dogs who have limited mobility will require regular nail trims in order to make sure additional associated issues don’t arise. Some people might find dogs to be good while some people find it to be bad so accordingly they behave towards dogs. As a whole, dogs are kept according to the perception of people.